Ilgm you have a error,or do I

I was looking at my plant booster n other fertz n whatnot I notice in the description its say n.p.k for plant booster 19-5-20 n my pack says 0-27-27 as the n.p.k ratio I jus thought to let you kno. Idk if my packs r wrong or the sites info

I believe that’s a typo on the store page. Looks like the npk ratio for growtime was accidentally repeated in place of the boost.

0-27-27 looks right for the booster.


Yea I figured y’all wanna kno bout that but thank you for letting me kno the n.p.k is right on bag… @dbrn32 do u kmo anything bout supersoil n why it would have a plant lime green the whole grow up until I notice it wasn’t normal gave her plant booster n green came in from bottom up

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I sent a note up to hopefully have the website corrected.

I’m not much of a soil building person or great at plant troubleshooting. Applying general logic i would say the soil was either a little short on nutrients or something keeping nutrients available to plant. Was this a super soil you purchased or built? n funny thing is my plant is blueberrylemon is in happy n cocoloco or happy n oceans n m girl did potforpot but hers was oimegreen until I gave a lil plant booster odd right??? @dbrn32 I kno u said u don’t do soil but nutes r nutes ya kno… I wonder if maybe it was jus a weak supersoil? If it is possible. What u think would cause limegreen from start but b healthy whole grow

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I asked because if it’s purchased soil you don’t really know exactly what is in there. Plus is likely mixed in large batch, and possibilities to get a bag that is just a little weak. If I had to guess, probably what happened.

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