ILGM WWA Help on harvest


@raustin was right. This thing is getting fat. If I am looking at this right, still lots of clear trichomes and no amber.


Make sure you are looking at the bud trics, not the sugar leaves, the leaves will turn before buds


Keep going, she’s looking beautiful!


It has been a week since the last update. She is looking good.

Here it what I see- Mostly clear trichomes and I should feed one more week.

Can others sanity check my opinion?

@raustin @latewood


Yep, you’ve still got mostly clear. One more feeding should be perfect.


How much if a yield per plant do you think?


on WW1 I hope for 1.5 ounces dry. (this one)
WW2 I am hoping for 2 ounces (fimmed)
WW3 the same age but a runt. I have no idea, it just exploded in growth and I did an LST on a net.

I’ll start a different thread on ww3 when I feel like turning the lights out. (2 and 3 are in a tent)


ok, here is the weekly update. What do you guys think?
@tribblesr @raustin @N00BIE


Can you get a closer zoom of the trichs? If not, post the pics one at a time so I can zoom them.


Licking my lips and reaching for my bong lol :joy:


you and I are close






@raustin try these


The metropolis of Edgewood.


That’s much better, thanks. She’s just about ready, in fact, I’d say depending on your preferences you can harvest anytime. If it were me I’d wait a few more days to get a little more amber in the trichs, but that’s me.


Sounds good. I want a little couch lock so I will take your advice.

Thanks all. I’ll post some pictures in a few days


If you are 5-7 days from harvest, have you given thought to drilling or splitting the stem?