ILGM WW Photo showing off some fall colors!

We 30 degrees f last night buts she’s still standing strong today! Showing them beautiful fall colors!


@Jbum them are some pretty flowers! I like pretty flowers :grin: seriously gorgeous! Supposed to get some cold here this week. Nice work @Jbum

Hope you’re planning on the chop soon!

She looks yummy. Nice work. I have same strain in my indoor just switch to 12/12. Hope i get similar results.

Yes was hoping to get some amber trics

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That’s real nice!

Real pretty.
Be careful of dew, rain, frost etc. Moisture and humidity are your enemies right now.

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Those are beautiful plants @Jbum…I’m excited for you bro :grin:

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So this happened this morning


But, they don’t grow very well cut off from their roots and hung upside down…



Oh I thought having them upside down would give them there stretch!?!? :jack_o_lantern: rain cumming so


Congrats my man. How’s that garage smell lol. I’m guessing LIKE WEED :cowboy_hat_face:


Oh yes for sure! Wife’s stink o meter is maxed out!!! Lol she hates I on the other hand…


Tell her I said breathe out of her mouth ahaha

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Looks like a nice haul you have right there. Congrats…:+1::+1::+1:

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What strain? I had one that looked just like it. The dark purple black color started at the top and crept all the way down. The smoke is a heavy hitter too