ILGM WW Autoflower - Newb Grower

First time grow here. I have a 2’x2’x4’ grow tent running a 400W LED light. I’m on week 2, day 5. The plant in the back held onto her seed so she’s a bit behind the one in the front. Transplanted them from one gallon pots today - read a lot that it’s better to leave them in one pot - even though it takes more water, I’d rather pay a few extra bucks for water than run the risk of transplant shock.

Temp in the tend is staying from 68-75 degrees, humidity was running a bit low around 50%, but I just added another humidifier to it. Running a fan in the intake, steady flow out from the exhaust up top. Just wondering if they were looking on par, healthy, etc. since this is my first time.


Forgot to add…

Growing in Fox Farms Ocean Floor - haven’t 100% decided on nutrient usage. Thinking this first time I’m going to just go with some worm castings at four weeks. Started out with the ILGM germination pods in a 1 gallon nursery pot. Transplanted today into these pots - 2.5 gallons. Growing the WW Autoflower. They’re starting to sprout their second set of leaves up top. Using RO water. Currently have the bigger humidifier and back in the back is a bowl of water with a little personal humidifier on…keeping it around 65-70% humidity. 18/6 light schedule.

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When feeding nutrients you should usually start off low and go up from there. It’s a common practice to only use 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended feeding amount during the early stage of growth.

Meaning, if it says to use 1 teaspoon per gallon, then you should start off using 1/4 teaspoon per gallon, or 1/2 teaspoon per gallon.

Hope that helps!


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And if you wanted you could also do them on a 14 on 8 off 12 on 12 off cycle if you want to save on your light bill a little my best white widow was on a 1212 cycle all the way through


Welcome to ILGM

We all hope that you do well in your first grow,
i’m going to tag you to my journal on Auto-Flowering Plants.
i think you will get alot of information from it,
I am growing 14 auto including WW That’s two of each auto that ILGM sells.


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@Hogmaster My tent doesn’t stay warm enough to keep it off that long I don’t think. Struggling to keep it even at 70 right now. Stupid Mother Nature.