ILGM WW Auto Questions

I’m on day 33 of my first grow and it looks to me like flowering just started earlier this week. I’ve read other places that when they make the switch to flowering that some lightening of newer leaves is normal and nothing to worry about. I just wanted to check with the experts here and see what people had to say. I’ve already switched over to the flowering nutes.

Also, it seems like all 3 are running at different rates. Plant #1 (bottom center in the first pic) is my shortest one - but putting out lots of pistils. #2 (top left) is a little bigger, but not by much, and seems to be doing ok - while #3 (top right) is the biggest one in the tent, but it’s not flowering near as much as the others.

I tried taking better pictures - with a flash and lights off. Just wanted to see what folks had to say about how I’m doing so far. Thanks in advance, I’m really enjoying the community here… other sites don’t seem to be nearly as friendly - especially towards us noobs. LOL!

Top view: Plant 1

Top view: Plant 2

Top view: Plant 3

Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3


My grow journal is here:


You’ve got monster plants there for 33 days in. My current grow is 33 days old and I’ve only gotten 2 nodes past the first topping.

Do autos really grow that much faster or is it the difference in genetics / environment?


Apparently autos are in hurry to hit the finish line… I’ve read some finish in as little as 60 days, but 12-14 weeks seems to be the norm from what I’ve read. Since this is my first grow, I really don’t have a point of reference for comparison.


Plants look great; no worries that I can see. You have done a nice job so far. I would not add anything different until the plant tells you to.


Great site! I’ve added a grow log there too.


I’m not sure I’m using it right - my diary there is more of a live thing. Instead of updating week by week at the end of the week, I start a new week and add to it as I go along - easier to remember. I also just started using Google Sheets to keep track of my feedings - as far as what I’ve got going in and coming out. I’m kind of a data nerd… lol


Your plants look amazing for 33 days. Seriously! Keep up the good work.


What should my target pH be for flowering? I’m in coco/perlite. Up till now I’ve varied between 6.0-6.3. I’m thinking I might want a little lower to help the uptake of P&K.

My guess is that you keep the same. I’m new to coco and having troubles keeping my CocoLoco below ph 7.0. However, I’ve heard regular coco and perlite prefer 5.5-6

I wouldn’t change much of anything judging how your girls look though. I’d be proud of them! Great job!


Yep they’re looking real good. The yellow new growth is due to the rapid growth at this stage. Spitting out new growth faster than it can produce chlorophyll.


Very nice great job!


@moonchild420, I would have to concur with all above. Your plants look good :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::v:


Ah, that makes sense!!! Especially since it seems to be mostly on my largest plant.

I’m a little concerned as 1 of my plants (the largest one) hasn’t really started to bud up like the other 2. I just started in on week 6.

2 of mine look like this…

While the other one just has a few pistils at each site…

These are ILGM feminized autos bought direct, but I’m wondering if the one that isn’t budding up is possibly a photo or worse, a male? Or is it just slower than the others?


Does not look like a male to me, in my opinion. No 2 plants are exactly alike even though the same strains. Some mature faster, some slower. Kinda like people. Just like right now I soaked 3 seeds, at exactly the same time 11/29/19. They sprouted tails and I put them in solo cups with soil. 2 broke ground 12/3/19 one still hasn’t as of this morning. The two that are now growing are growing at different rates and will mature at different rates. This is the first time that I have grown autos myself and my understanding is that they will flower when they flower and unlike photos you/we have no control over when it flowers, even if from same batch of seeds. Just like no two kids are the same from the same parents, except for sometimes identical twins, as close to clones as you can get at the time being. I hope this helps :+1: :v:


That’s somewhat reassuring. And yes, I had seen a brief explanation of phenotypes. Being my first grow I was just getting antsy… I’ve heard of others accidentally ending up with a photo before (although, I didn’t know where they got seeds from).

I’ve also seen that some say that they have run 12/12 with autos and gotten good yields. Currently I’m running 20/4, and was wondering if there was a point at which it’s been “too long”. I’m using a HLG QB 288 V2 Rspec 260W light if that matters. I’m getting between 30-40k lux at the canopy and so far, I’m not seeing the leaves tell me that’s too much light. For the first week or two, I did have it too close and it was really only bothering this one plant. If it stressed her, it doesn’t show in any other way as she’s the biggest one in the tent - about 3-4” taller than the other 2.

I have heard of people running autos straight lights on and never off. My understanding is that the plant needs some dark time for processes that it can not do in the dark. I think that I am running 20/4 myself and have been doing so throughout the entire grow


I read this and decided on 20/4.

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When a breeder harvests seeds for sale, the plant (in this case) has been teased into producing seeds. But the genetics of all of the parents are there and can be combined into offspring that, while siblings, don’t look a lot alike. If the Ruderalis gene is suppressed, it won’t express itself. Normal variations on phenotype.

This is more a case of doing your homework to determine what your Daily Light Interval (DLI) should be, based on lights, spectrum, height, power levels etc. Once this is done you can answer that question for yourself. As you have good quality lights, you are likely wasting some energy with that long day cycle.