ILGM white widow germination help

Hey guys,

Have just started and I think I have already lost 2 seedlings. I soaked the seed overnight 24 hours and then planted in some seedling soil.

The issue seems I think I am overwatering them.

One hasn’t come up at all, they were planted on Sunday and one did come up but was curled and doesn’t look too good.

They are under a 2x 100w cob led growlight. Read the growing bible but just not sure how much I should water them.

I made sure to ph the water to 6. They are autos so should I grow them directly in the 70/30 mix of coco and perlight or still use a seedling soil mix?

Sorry writing this on my phone.

Any help on getting my seeds growing would be awesome. I’m using a 60x60x150cm grow tent.

So nervous it’s driving me nuts. I think I am overthinking this.

Cheers guys,

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I just did three ILGM WWA two weeks ago…soaked 24 hours, dropped into soil at 1/4 inch deep,…one was a bit deeper… dropped in soil on Monday,…Wednesday morning one was sprouted…four hours later another was sprouted…then later Wednesday evening the deep one sprouted… after they were dropped into soil and covered I sprayed them with about four good sprays of distilled water from a hand sprayer… then I sprayed them three or four times each day… my soil was dry so when I dropped the seeds in I poured a single shot glass of water on each of them. my soil is FFOF but the top two inches is mixed with MG moisture control soil…and roughly 20% perlite throughout. This is what worked for me.

poke your finger into the soil and do not water if it is moist down as far as your middle knuckle on your index finger…if it is just cool or lightly damp then go ahead and spray it a few times.
light, heat, humidity and airflow all play a part in how often you will have to spray them as well as how often you will need to water once they are growing well. at this stage, never should your soil be “wet” a knuckle deep… moist,…but never “wet”

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I use a pencil, if soil wet on pencil when take it out no need to water ,if no soil then water


For seedlings I pop them then put in soaked soil and don’t water for quite a while then just a bit 4-8 oz at a time until they get a couple real leaf sets going.


I understand they recommend the 24 hour soak but I don’t do it, I do paper towel and two saucers and I keep them warm in a propagation tray on a propagation map and I have probably hundred percent

if you’re determined to soak many people take them out when they sink or after 1 hour

Did I miss it or did you not mention what you’re starting them in?

I’m at work at the moment but will update with the type of soil I am using
But as far as I can tell you now it’s a seedling potting mix that was suggested to me before I use Coco perlite mix 70/30 as it did have a few nutrients for the seedlings

All I did was put the seeds in water for about 23 hours and the 1/4 inch in soil, in a paper pot then was going to transplant one big enough to a 3G smart pot.

Was hoping you would reply to my post!

Thank you all for the replies guys,

I also don’t soak my seeds, at all.

Just wet a paper towel, fold, and place my seeds inside. Then into a sealed bag.


I drop my ILGM seeds in a cup of water, if /when they Pop I then plant them knuckle deep using a pencil.
No you aren’t overthinking things, you are a nervous parent just like the rest of us. !!


Cheers mate! I know that I will make some mistakes but glad of all the help I get from this forum!

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Think I might use your method!

I use water over night, I place in the water when I go to bed and plant them first thing in the morning
I plant into coco perlite mix inside a 12 space propagator and spray lightly morning and night and I tend to spray the inside of the clear cover most of the time just to up the humidity alittle and this is the same way I do chilies


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I use a little liquid seaweed distilled water and use a paper towel get it wet with mixture then put mikros on wet paper towel put seeds on it there put in a bag and 24-36 hours ready then soil use a pencil hole more mikros seed and cover 24-36 out and ready to become a beautiful flower that’s a miracle :seedling::evergreen_tree::sunglasses::tada:

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Thank you this seems to be working for me at this point.

One last question how low should I have my leds from my seedlings?

It’s about 30cm at the moment.

Cheers all

for most led’s I think you might want to increase that by about 10 more cm’s

Thanks Oak!

Will do that. Many thanks for your help mate! I appreciate the support I get. And learning a lot on the way!

For 100w cobs lights 30cm should be the closest but its hard to say not all 100w cob are the same
I would keep mine at 60cm min but i have a dimmer so I can get closer.
I would sit it at 45cm to 60cm or the plant may stay too squat, I like to use the light to stretch the plant up letting the plant grow up into the light.
White widow tends to be very tough and hard to upset.


Hey guys this just started happening, any ideas. I don’t think it’s due to overwatering so at a bit of a loss.

Wouldn’t mind not losing it if possible.

Any assistance would be awesome

Whens the last time watered? Might need a drink

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I agree it looks like either over or under watering because they both look alike

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If you look at one of my threads i have pics of before and after under watering. they look similar so its hard to mix up

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