ILGM White Widow Fem Grow


My ILGM White Widow seeds arrived today! Yay! I will post their journey pics here as it progresses. So far…

Soon they will be beautiful!

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So did mine…have to wait for a few other items before I start my first grow in 25 years. Wife came in and said “You’ve got mail”…lol.


I should have mentioned it only took 11 days for the seeds to arrive. I’m very happy with the purchasing process through ILGM. Would highly recommend.


LOL, awesome! That must have sounded sweet! I’m over 20 years since last grow so I’m considering this my first even though I have a little experience - not much though.


Congratulations on the new arrivals . My first order came in 11 days and the second in 12 . Loving my WWs. Got about 2 more weeks till harvest . The White Widows make a pretty grow and great buds .


Can’t wait. Plus I was sick of watching out the window for the mailman. He probably thinks I have a thing for him or something. I’ll be curious the yield you get per plant.


@Matthew420 my yield wont be as good as it should be because of a malfunction in my timer putting the grow into flower about 2 or 3 weeks earlier that I wanted . But if I can get 4 or 5 ounces out of these guys it will get me through my next grow . Just got my Girl Scout Cookies and Super Skunk so I need to make a decision on what to try my first scrog with . Probably Gold leaf and Girl scouts since they get so tall they will need to be scrogged anyhow. Lmao about the mailman when I am waiting on seeds or the ups.guy to bring me goodies I’m the same way me and the dog’s barking at the windows


Oh, bummer on the malfunction :frowning: I’m going to try some other strains too. Started with WW because I haven’t grown in 20+ years and it said they were good for beginners. Want to proof out my set-up. Put an IP cam in the tent so I’ll be watching for malfunctions probably more than I should. It’ll help me to not keep wanting to open the tent too.


@codman is my co-grower.


They are a tough little plant . This was my first ever grow and I even got lucky and had a bud nice enough to stick in the bud of the month contest for November. This is what a pure rookie did with several mistakes made so you should be gold


Thought I saw a pic uploading but nothing :frowning:


Sorry I pushed the reply button to quick this is them


Very nice indeed!!! :+1: Frosty


Can’t wait to get my WW going. Just gotta wait for the Flubber to clear out til I get all the money to buy a second light. Saving up for LEDs. Looking great @Oldstoner


I want to grow like that @Oldstoner man that’s good looking sedation crops right there .


Thanksgiving slowed down delivery by a day…:yum:


Lmfao @yoshi all I did was follow what you and the other guy’s on here have found to be a good way to go . I experimented on them a bit and got real lucky that WW are such a tough little plant . Actually as I type this I realize that they probably should be dead as I was making a major mistake up to about three weeks ago . I was checking the PH of the water before I added the nutrients . I hardly ever checked the run off so when I figured out what I had been doing my run off was about 5.3 . Still trying to get it back up where I want at 6.5 to 6.8 trying to avoid a flush but I will have to do it anyhow soon


They can be pretty forgiving long as they have adequate lights and decent ph water they can recover and produce from stressful situations .


After 24hrs soaking in water and 36 hours in soil pods, we have some life! Almost ready for flower stage! :wink:


Awesome…had my first seed crack today. And my tent showed up also. Great way to start the week. :grin: