ILGM White Widow Autoflower

I posted in the indoors grow forum, and then found out that there’s a journal section here, so I wanted to write about my progress on here for any feedback. I’m blogging over at as well.

Week One, Day One

Week One, Day 4

Week One, Day 6

Week Two, Day 2

Week Two, Day 4


Heck yeah welcome to Ilgm and congratulations on your first grow
There’s a ton of knowledgeable peeps on here that can and will help throughout your grow.
Good luck @growingherbies

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Congrats and welcome!

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@growingherbies welcome to ILGM! I see you are new to the forum!

But it looks like in the picture that the LED light is very close to the tops of those sprouts. I don’t know your wattage, but the minimum distance is probably at least 2.5 feet away.

A t5 or a cfl can be that close, but the LED is too much for them.


welcome can you tell us the type of light you are using? what is the wattage? eventhough the led’s aren’t hot to your hand, I have first hand knowledge that they burn your seedlings when too close.

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@bob31 In the first pics, it was about 10" from the top. Now I have them in bigger pots and they’re quite a bit farther away. I’d say a good 2 feet probably.

@amused2death I’m using a 400W LED light I found off Amazon.

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I am no expert yet. @Niala has a chart in a Feb. 9th post. it sugest 2 to 2.5 feet, so i think you are good now that you mived it up.

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Update - one in the gray pot (Snoop) is growing good - as is Martha (red pot). Martha’s the one that had the seed helmet, so she’s a little behind Snoop, but both are doing pretty well. How do they look to you guys? Tomorrow will be two weeks since planting the seeds in my germ pods.


Haha are snoop and Martha gonna be cooking dinner also?
Couldn’t resist
:sunglasses: happy growing

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@Nug-bug HAHA Yep - she’ll be cleaning house too :wink:

@growingherbies they both look like they are in pink pots to me. How about a picture under white or natural light?

@bob31 Here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks @growingherbies my eyes are bad enough but the LEDs kill me. Top plant looks a little light / heat stressed from having the light too close initially but she’ll be fine!

@bob31 Well the top plant held onto her seed helmet for some reason - so she was a little behind in unfolding, but she’s catching up with the bottom one. Has really shot up and started to fan out in the past couple of days. Should I use 18/6 light schedule the whole time? I’ve ready where the light schedule doesn’t really matter that much with autoflowers.

Nope lights at 18/6 is fine. There are arguments for everything up to 24/7 and everything in between. You can switch to 12/12 when they flower to save some wear and tear on.lights and save a couple $$ on the electric bill but many go 18/6 start to finish!

Nice. I researched for a good three weeks solid before I started the process – always nice to know my research was right. Of course I’m gonna make mistakes – it’s my first grow – but I’m pretty happy with how things are going at the moment. Can’t wait to see those beautiful buds!

Just an update - week 3 day 5 right now. Got a pulley system for the lights - going to lower them a bit - but so far I think they’re looking pretty good!

My original humidifier died the other day and I wound up getting a warm mist one at Walgreens. Since I’ve put that one in the tent, the growth has taken OFF. I’ll post pics later when I get hom and can take some more.

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Day one of week four. Lowered the lighting a couple of days ago to around 12" above plants - they are LOVING it. Temps around 74F and humidity 55-60%. Going to be putting worm castings on in the next couple of days, too.

I think they’re looking pretty good, but I’m a novice - so - what the hell do I know? :sunglasses:


Hey @growingherbies looking good!

How many watts is that led you’re using?