Ilgm white widow auto coco dtw

Hey all join me on my first journey down the auto drip coco road…
I have 4 wwa going atm they are 16 days old from breaking ground and getting 3ppm ro water as base ppm’ed up to 200 with cal mag plus. After that I top out with 300ppm (100ppm) of sensi grow a and b coco formula Phew to 5.8 on the nose that’s it… I have a titan Apollo 2 mechanical timer hooked up to my pond pump Which sits inside of a 55 gal food grade Barrel…the 4 pots sit in a 3x3 floor table inside of a 4x4 tent… I had a xxxl magnum hood 1000w but I switched it out for 2x Optic 1 xl’s set at 24” from tops and 1 Mars Hydro tsl 2000 to cover the other 2x4 area in the tent…
Any input from the pros would be greatly appreciated I really wanna start pulling at the very least 3oz per plant anything less would be a waste of all the time and money I throw at these things lol welp hear they are

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I’m seeing slight yellowing on 2 of them should I bump up my cal mag?

I want to watch. I wish I could offer some advise but I am way to new to say anything. Good luck and I am sure you’re going to have a lot of sweet smoke when your done!!

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Oh ya baby hope to hit 8oz off them we shal see

Like the watering set-up. I use a 5 gallon bucket and hand water mine.

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Thx I’m so sick of dosing water every morning at 3 am fuck that lol honestly the biggest thing is the waste water…3x3 deep tray in 4x4 tent is something I wish I did from the start