10 auto seeds, germ day 6/20

Most recent pic 7/18 - 3wks,2days since planting

Starting back left going down:
Zkittlez 1, 2, and 3

Middle row, back to front:
GG, Wedding Cake 2, Wedding Cake 1

Back right going down:
GG2/Gelato 3, Gelato 1, Gelato 2

Mild LST started at 2.5 weeks

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Rain Science white grow bags​:+1:t2::fire: (3 & 5 gallon)

Feed every 2-3 days @ 6.3-6.5-PH / 150ppm

Blue labs pH tester and generic ec/ppm testers
3 in 1 soil tester for soil pH and moisture

Indoor 5x5 gorilla grow tent
ROI e720 LED

Light Schedule 17hours on; 7hours off
-Temps; Day 80-82° / Night 72-75°
-Humidity; Day ~52%rH / Night 56-62%rH

Ventilation; 6" jetfans intake and exhaust
Portable AC outside tent set @ 72-74°
Co2 @ 1000-1200ppm during lights on

Nutrients in use:
Mykos @ planting
FFHF as a base(no perlite this time)
Humboldt secret supply (low end dosage)

Top-feeding additives (starting in preflower)
—EB Stone box brand—
Bat guano (N high)
Bone meal (P high)
SulPoMag (K high)
Earthworm castings (base)

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Set to watch.

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NICE! watching also (and you have some long feet :smiley: )

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I’m waiting on this seed pack to land!
This will be my first grow, and I’ll probably be using your setup as a guide. Thanks for sharing!

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This is my first real attempt, I have a big bud auto at day 70 next to these, she is my first auto grow and had a lot of deficiencies from inexperience watering but learned alot already from @PurpNGold74 @Flipdawg08 and watching my setup and how fast it fully dries out the medium.

@TheVirginian sorry these feet are taken​:smile::smile:


I didn’t say i wanted them haha :rofl: i just noticed they’re long, lol (nothing wrong with that either :wink: )

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Looking delicious my friend ! Glad I am able to be of any service , always here for whatever questions you may have . We are all going to continue to learn and grow as we put some time under our belts doing this.

Also stop by my journal in a little bit, I’m about to post up an update of some real juicy shots that everybody likes to see ! Lol

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Here’s 32 days old.


Here is July 27th

A little night shot from August 4th

Current pics on the way. Definitely have some tox from overdoing the humboldts nutes , not as bad for the gelatos.

My runoff ppms are averaging up in the 3000-5000 range. Awaiting a new wet vac so I can get some flushing started. Been feeding just ph water(~1000ml/pot) the last 2 times(4-5 days)


Oh hey look who’s back !! Haha nice to see you around here again , but since they are autos I would definitely start with at least 1/2 the recommended dosage for the nutes as in my experience autos are a little more sensitive to nutes and whatnot . Was actually just reading up on something earlier today that was saying that most nutes and supplements are designed to be used on photo period plants so with autos always start with a smaller amount and work your way up as the plant allows you to , think I took a screen shot of what I saw , let me look for it quick…

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That’s what I saw my friend , maybe that will help give you a starting point to go off of .


Thank you, copied and saved. I feel like am just adding and adding nutes every two or 3 days and it builds up.
Am i supposed to be either watering to runoff if I use nutes more frequently or do a (feed water water schedule) so it’s not just caked in nutes all the time. Especially the transition to flower, flush to get some of the veg nutes out? Or just do more plain ph watering in between feeds. Overthinking shit again. Thanks for your help :call_me_hand:t3:

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Well personally like I have said before I gave my ladies full strength nutes from week 4 of veg all the way up to day 62 of flower which is where I’m at now . They got that full strength serving every other day as well , but since my setup is more of a “high performance” garden my plants seem to take in everything I have given them because they are able to burn through it all because of the quality lighting , co2 supplement, and whatever else I may have done to make sure they grow to the highest potential . But when I would water them i would always make sure that each plant got about 10-15% runoff at least just to help flush out whatever may have hung around in the root zone since the previous watering . But again since you got autos going you may want to do some type of feed, water , feed schedule. Or at the very least once your ppms come down find that perfect amount of nutes to would use per gallon of water and feed them at every watering and just make sure the soils ppm dosent start to get to high , if you catch my drift , that way you can continue to feed them every time but just with a way lower amount than you would now so it dosent begin to build up again .

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And as far as the transition to flower goes, I would usually just cut out the veg nutes and replace them with the flowering ones right away , but again with the "high performance " setup I have, I usually don’t have much buildup in the soil . But hey I dont think it would hurt to flush between the transition, just as long as the plant has enough food to carry it through the amount of time you are just giving them water. Hope this helps friend .

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Cool bro thanks alot. I was just being cheap on water use I guess… with a wet vac coming sunday and the pot risers I should be streamlining my ability to get more accurate runoff readings and run more water thru the pots without high humidity and standing water being an issue.

My boy is still trying to get me to switch to flora flex but I’m definitely gonna run this humboldts out.

My big bud harvest is dry and curing. Looks :fire::fire: but dry weight only about an ounce ~27g

Not gonna be sad over my first harvest but its definitely a little larfy for my liking.

Edit: think I just underfed late in harvest


Nice! Looks like it came out pretty well ! But its going to take a little trial and error but you’ll find that sweet spot! The shop vac and risers are a good idea also , I never leave standing water in my tent as well . But you’ll be able to figure out the blend that works best, just remember every plant is going to be a different even same strains will not be 100% the same so once you find that spot where the plants are happy , your numbers will go up significantly so good luck!

The humboldts secret can definitely work well once you find that sweet spot , look what they have done for me …

But still dont be afraid to switch it up, or add in something different , or mix and match stuff . You’d be surprised what some stuff can do, and sometimes it’s kinda fun to experiment with that kinda stuff. But anyways glad I could help, just let me know if you ever have anything else you wanna bounce off of me , always glad to help, and you should go check out my journal if you get a chance I have just posted some real juicy pics of my girls that you may be able to look over and it may make you think if different ways to try things . But keep us posted bro ,I wanna make sure I get to watch you up to harvest day!


Here’s to unfolding some bud porn with dirty hot leaves.

Germinated 6/20 so they’re like 7ish weeks old.

First up is some gorilla glue from MS-NL.

Here’s the 2 wedding cakes from ILGM. Still cant pinpoint the toxicity. The leaves do look really cool but burnt LOL

Some full tent pics then I’ll upload the gelato and zkittlez… phone is acting up


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