ILGM Super Skunk!

First grow ILGM Super Skunk!!!


What’s up! The bud looks spectacular! I’m new to the forums and growing in general would you be able to answer a few questions for me?

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Lookin great :+1: i have one that’s soon to be harvested. She’s pretty big for an auto… Super Skunk Auto


I’ve been having this banana kush shoved in a corner up under sweetie trying to prolong her flower… well it worked pretty good so I broke her out tonight and tortured the hell out of her… :woozy_face::upside_down_face::thinking:

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Looks great nice work

That gurl is amazing for an auto!! Congrats

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Thank you kindly :pray: i sacrificed time for quantity by growing her in a 10g pot it put the grow behind about 3 weeks… she’s 109 days old :muscle::100:

What time is it in Australia?

Straight up midnight where I live

Awesome! She is a special auto!! Never had one behave quite that much.

Its 4:30 pm

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Thought I’d let everybody know that hlg has 25% off store wide

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@Jaysittinback here’s my journal so feel free to look back on how this latest grow started out… ask any questions you have no matter how dumb you think they are ok. I have some great friends and Growers so I’m pretty sure we can answer any questions you have… enjoy :wink:

Wow thats super appreciated, thanks!

Your Welcome… I’m serious about asking questions cause we can’t help if you don’t share … like i said enjoy learn and enjoy… :rofl::rofl::muscle::100: