ILGM Super Silver & Purple Haze grow


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here so I thought I share my latest ILGM grow. It consists of 4 plants, two super silver haze & two Purple haze feminized photo plants. They are still a few weeks from harvest but looking very good. These girls are in 5 gallon cloth pots in fox farms ocean forest soil. I kept them in a vegetative state for about 70 days before I switched them over to flower. I did not feed these plants at all during veg (the soil did it job nicely). I did begin to feed them Tiger Bloom @ 1200ppm during flower every other feeding up until last week. From here on out each plant will get 1 gallon of PH’d water twice a week I am so looking forward to this harvest. I wish I were possible to post the smell of these plants, it like heaven! You’ll have to settle for some photos instead.

I’m still on the hunt for some amber trichomes.

I’ll update this thread when I harvest with some pics and harvest weight.


@Masshole nice job brother
Hope youve been well
Thanks fir sharing :+1: CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you CB. Doing good here bro, hope you’ve also been well.


I’ve read you can get the Purple haze plants to produce purple buds by lowing the temp. Love to hear if anyone has tried this. I’m currently at 75’ish while the lights are on and 60’ish when they are off. I think I’m about 2-3 weeks from harvest but I’ll let the tric’s determine that. I guess I’m kind of hesitant to change up my process to achieve the color change.


That’s some really nice looking plants. Keep up the good work. Will be interested to see what your yield is. :us::man_farmer:


All good here busy work family etc
Looking forward to updates brother
If they have the genetic traits to change sometime they do
Youll want to have temps below 60 at night so being winter that shouldnt be to hard to achieve lol at least my grow room would getvthat cold if i allowed it lol


Good stuff, really glad to hear all is well.

I think I will adjust the night time temp down some but I’m not going to go to crazy with it because the already look pretty dam delicious. I am super impressed with both of these strains, updates will follow.


Looking good what you feeding with


I started them in good soil so I didn’t feed these plants anything until about day 80, at which point I started giving them Tiger Bloom @1200ppm every other feeding. Now I’m back to just PH’d water, about 2/3 weeks to go. I 'll let the tricomes decide when to harvest.


I be using this right here


Hey there @Masshole, I am early in my first grow. Using good soil, augmented with worm castings. I do have the FF trio. Any thoughts on the worm castings?
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Gorgeous plants @Masshole, looks like your dialed in perfectly! Those look like producers all the way!!!


I have friends that use worm castings, egg shells and all sorts of other other stuff in their magic mix and their plants also look great. I’m trying to keep it simple. If the plants look good (color/growth) early on I just feed them PH’d water. If they start to show signs of deficiency I would have started feeding earlier. I really like FF soil, plants don’t seem to need much early on using this soil. Of course every plant is different so I just sorta read the leaves as I go.


long time,no see @Masshole,those gals are looking great!


Hi @BIGE & Thank you. Yes, I’ve been on hiatus a while :slight_smile: I will try to stop in more often. This last year has been full of curve balls.

With each grow I learn a little more about these beautiful plants. One thing I have definitely figured out is to not overthink things. This harvest will be EPIC!


I’ve let my grow room temps get as low as 55 at night this last week and I do think I’m getting a deeper shade of purple bud. The Sliver haze seems unaffected by the temp change (roughly 8 degrees). My calendar says to harvest this Thursday but I’m still not seeing much if any amber so I my let them go a bit longer.

Some grow porn for you all…


So frosty man, lady’s looking awesome.
Gonna be some :fire:


Looking good when’s the session


I think I will harvest two of these ladies on Sunday and let the other two go a bit longer. The anticipation is killing me. IMHO the hardest part of growing is deciding when to harvest.


One down, three to go. About 10% of the trichomes were amber so I harvested one silver haze. The other plants are not quite there yet so I’m going to wait a bit longer. I washed this harvest (1st time) using the method described here in another thread. It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference with the cure.

The purple haze buds look incredible, but they are not ready yet. The anticipation is killing me!!