ILGM Super Silver Haze growth pattern

I’ve got the most compact stockiest growth from the ILGM Super Silver Haze I’ve been growing. I had two over the summer that I grew outdoors, two that just wrapped up indoors and two more (clones of the most recent) that are vegging and soon to be flowered.

It’s crazy, like a really close densely packed node spacing with really stocky stems. I wish this plant would stretch but it barely does when it starts flowering… it’s not at all what I’d expect from a Haze strain but its been the same both indoors and out.

Does anyone have any experience they can share with growing this strain? Tips for getting it to stretch out a little? I know. Its weird to complain about a plant being too compact but here I am

Tagging you fine folks below because I’ve done a bunch of searches and your names came up as having grown this.

It’s not stretching any outdoors? That is pretty new by me as well.

@Merlin runs it often I believe.

The stretch outdoors was fairly minimal as well.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that this looks an awful lot like too much nitrogen. You know how plants can get really squatty and extra dark green and insanely leafy when they have too much nitrogen…And if this was my previous go round indoors where i used my own super soil mix which was a bit on the hot side I might have agreed. But I was seeing this growth pattern in the summer even when these plants were hungry for nitrogen. For this time around these plants are all in coast of Maine Stonington Blend which is advertised as cannabis specific. None of the other strains I have going are having any excess nitrogen issues so I have trouble suspecting that in this case as well.

I tried jacking the lights way up on that Plant for a few days and didn’t see anything different happening in terms of growth pattern. Maybe the thing to do is just let it get as big as it wants to get and then just lollipop the shit out of it.

I feel so stupid complaining that my plant has node spacing that is too tight. It’s like this is the kind of shit growers strive for.

Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe the point is I should be cloning and breeding with this Pheno!

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I know what you’re saying, and agree probably not a nitrogen issue. Indoors it’s pretty easy to have very leafy and squaty plant if light source has a lot of shorter wavelengths in comparison to longer reds. But if it’s consistent on outdoor grows I would also think is more of a genetic trait.

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With you all the way here.

To clarify regarding the light source, it’s been under a pair of T5 fluorescent tubes and was moved to 1000w MH Four days ago.

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What is cct on t5 bulbs?


And open to comments/ suggestions on changing that. We don’t use it a ton just for seedlings.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but it is predominantly blue spectrum. Blue light is known to contribute to all of the things you are seeing. Especially if lights are close like fluorescent is typically run.

If you would like to try inducing a little longer node spacing, try a mixture of 6400k and 2700k and run a little further than typical fluorescent guidance.

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I’m sure I’ll be growing this again, I’ll give it a go :+1:

It’s now under a 1000w MH. Is that a more preferable spectrum? I always think of MH for veg and HPS for flowering… I know stuffs way different with LED, I’m just not hip to it yet. I do know that I retrofitted a bunch of recessed lights in my house and got the wrong temperature and my dining room and living room felt like a hospital until I switched them out for a different temp… that was fun when I flipped the breaker on for the wife and she’s like …ummmmmmmm

And I’m biting my tongue thinking - you ordered these on the internet!! :rofl:

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This is correct, because there is more blue light in mh vs the hps. You could certainly run them start to finish under either as well. Each light just better for one or the other. If you prefer longer node spacing maybe vegging with hps would be better for you. Plenty of others do it.

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Here’s a couple of pics just in case anyone wants to put a visual to this discussion

And a clone from a different SSH mother