ILGM Super lemon haze flowering nutes

Hi guys so I’m at my 3rd week of lower and I’ve noticed the leaves are quite light and the bottom are turning yellow. Would they be Nitrogen deficiency or maybe nutrient lock? Atm the schedule I have is saying to give 0.25ml per litre I’ll put a photo of what the manufacturer recommends. I’m doing half the recommendation as I had nutrient burn when gave them full strength (during veg)

Growing some ILGM super lemon haze

Coco coir with 30% perlite


40% RH

Spider farmer sf2000


Green planet 3 part feed + vitathrive + calmag and sometimes I give them some epsom salt

1.2x1.2x2 grow tent

Atm feeding half the recommended by Green planet


They don’t look too bad. It’s normal for the lower leaves to yellow and fall off at this stage of growth.

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Thanks man. It’s my first photo grow. My autos were smooth the entire grow last and didn’t see those kind of signs but they were a third of the size :joy: