Hi all,

I am in week 5 going on 6 of an autflower grow, My first.
Week 1: water soak method, then to soil
Week2:bag over small planter in 80f 80 rh 18/6 light schedule no co2
Week3: no bag same metrics, using ph perfect connie grow 1 ml
Week4: lowered humidity and temp vpd .8-1.1, 2ml connie
Week 4: lowered himidity and teemp 4ml connie. Went way high to 6-8ml connie pla ts liked it for a minute. Was trying to solve splotchey issue now realize it was ph.

Week 5
Everything was going as you would expect had some slight issues with leaf color fullness from not using properly phed water after phing using litmus paper it seemed to make the leaves more full grean instead of splotchey with light green in areas. Started to get whitening of tipr on fan leaves near buds burnt tips starting. Flushed 2 days in a row then gave light/ normal feed. Then flushed again. Today gave light feed with bloom nutes thinking it was potassium deficiency cause of “flowering stage demands”.

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed (photo or auto)
-Age of plant
-Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
Soil number 4
-Vessels: Type and capacity of container (fabric, plastic, etc)
Fabric pot 5 gal
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
Litmus to approximately 6ph(color match)
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
-Method used to measure PH and TDS
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space
Indoor 2x4x6 ac infinity kit all kit products used
-Light system List brand and wattage/spectrum
Ion board s24
-Actual wattage draw of lights
-Current Light Schedule
-Temps; Day, Night
Night: 75
-Humidity; Day, Night
-Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
Yes, 6inch duct fan based on humidty to regulate temp and humidity, runs about every 3 min level 8 max
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Humidifier honeywell adjustable humidity release
-Co2; Yes, No
Yes, makeshift generater 2- 2liter bottles 2.5 cups sugar w/ 2.5 T yeast with .25 baking soda activated in 120 F water filter with water bubble counter.

In the end i think it might be nute lockout or potassium, or zinc deficiency!

Hope this helps you help me. Open to all feed back!! Thank you!

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Here is link to my grow journal as there is more info and pics to help you see progression.

It is a work in progress.

Thank you

Forum search "painted Nails’ for similiar.
What is the most recent run-off PH and are you sure the PH pen is good?
If growing in soil, just ease off on the feed.
Litmus? I am color blind after USN-AT-ing for 35 years.
Apera 20 pen OR better.
In reality, your ladies look great, to this blind person.
Again, ease off and watch, If you have flushed with 3x and done twice, they wiil be either under or still over. Two broken PH pens caused me lots of grief. Your plants look set to explode, if not locked out and the light? Mine is not tall, but she is beautiful., with little points, too. Took long for fattening,but not burned, lately. She had to recover from lock out and almost looked like yours, way back in August.


Litmus: ph paper that come swith color chart. I soak in solution for 20-30 and compare to chart. Then adjust with sulfuric acid.

I understand devices are better but this is what i have. I do have 20/20 tho and am not color blind as far as I know! Lol. I doubt runnoff would be accurate as i have put 2 gallon or so through. When it dries and i re water i will measure. I dont normall water enough for runnoff though as i saw it as a waste.

Thought it might be light but i think not as the plant next to it is just as tall and doesnt have same issue. It is starting cause i see the same signs as nitrogen toxicity. To stay safe with light i looked at par map and adjusted height with intensity. Lights are led ion board s24 ac infinity

I have been phing my water ,using my paper, to what i would say is 6 using sulfuric acid( battery acid) obly 2-4 drops depending on brand and ph it comes as.

I will be patient. I just want to fix before it become something larger. I am excited cause i see them fattening and producing more bud sites continuously!!

Would you suggest staying on grow nutes until vertical height stops or switch to bloom? When did you decide to switch?

Your colas look phat!!! And dense!!

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Hi i was looking on the internet about ur problem with ur plant and for what i see theres a few things it maybe and the first one is magnesium def which can be fixed by doing a foliar spray with Epsom salts or adding epsom salts to ur feeding and the second one is a phosphorus def thats what i got from the internet and both of these things can be fixed


The stretch is part of the flower process. You should be using loom nutes already. Once you start seeing the plant put out pistols it’s time to transition over.

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Never before had them this fat or dense.
1000 watts HPS before, now 1000 LED
soils still.
MG soils before, FFOF now
MG ACID loving ferts before, JACKS, MG’s plant fertilizer food (pink mixed with green ups PH available and have used this year.
EPSOM SALTS, PH ing all water ALWAYS
PH pen (s) blue (OK-fast) Apera 20 (GOOD-fast and acurate) Vivosun (JUNKx2, 5 minute delay to read)
Additives silica, kelp, Mychorrizea, and baking soda (up ph)
THREE PH pens (liars and slow retards, read high, low, or slow) and 1000 ppm (in flower) are the only new techniques or changes for this year. Forum support available (like never before)
And time, Hell I mix and repour for 20 minutes with 5gal air bubbled city water (arrives above 8.3PH)

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Doesn’t that ACInfinity grow tent system come with a Controller 69? If so, I’d like to suggest a few things.

Set a minimum run of 1 for your 2x4 so that the tent is always bringing in fresh air. You do that by using the app and choosing the “off” setting from the Home Screen for that port. There you will be able to set a speed that the fan always runs when neither the humidity or temperature triggers are met, in other words the “off” speed. Go back to the auto setting.

Since the fan only runs a few minutes at a time it sounds like you need to use the app to set a ramp up speed. From the Home Screen select the settings icon in upper right corner to bring up another screen with tabs across the top. One of those tabs will allow you to increase the speed by one for every so many percent changes to humidity or degree changes to temperature.

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Who knows. I pieced my system together during last year.
Cloudline 69 PRO only available since September.
Well versed for programming capabilities of AC-Infinity product.
Major donor to AC-I sales 2022.
(1) Cloudine Controller Pro 69 (four independent individual programming control for 4 devices)
(2) Cloudline Controller 67’s (max 2 devices)
(2) T-6s (400cfm)
(2) A-6s (150cfm) (potentiometer (dial) control or Remote outlet control, when available
(3) circulating air fans (upgradable to Infinity products)
(2) oscillating air fans (upgradable to Infinity products)
(2) 24x36 seedling Mats
Primarily (2) 4x4x6.5 tent with clone 2x2 tent available
After parolle from the CHAIN GANG (SSA-supporter for 55 years), I don’t want to leave home.
Phone becoming attached to me wherever I go.
Thank you for sharing.
Previous forum postings discussed ventilation (april) and included extra non-useful hardware, tubing, and equipment that does not work. DC-pulse controlled motors I know are quieter than A/C (ViVo).
Larger, quieter, and controllable, WINNER WINNER, Chicken dinner!

I have read that switching to bloom before vertical growth has stopped decreases yield potential.

@Fieldofdreams do you have any information or experience with that?

I am running as you said. In beginning it was difficult to keep humidity up when fan was on constant but now the plants are bigger and i have modified the room my tent is in the temp/humidity in room is more stable making the tent more stable.

I am addicted to the ease of use and automation AC-I offers. Would be hard for me to try to piece anything now, unless i am strapped for cash.

I switch as soon as pistols develop. The stretch is a part of the flower stage. It’s also why we don’t completely remove N. My yields have yet to disappoint. I’m not sure about the info you’ve read. Can you link it here?

I do “roulette” with my Ksink. Turns for everybody, even Miragro MiraAcid. Equal opportunity for all product. Somebody should like somethig. Target PPM 1000 (1800-1300, dilute more). Charts difficult, multi stage garden and simpleton in charge.

What is a KSink?

Thought about doing a small study to find what works best with what i have. Ie lst different or christmas tree or nutrient timing.

I can, but it is a simple thread with a guy who seems to know what he is talking about. There is litte eveidence to back up claims but i havent really researched it.

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Jack’s Kitchen Sink, bucket of multiple packages of Jacks proprietary blends of feed/grow chemicals…
Excessive, but purchased to extinguish availability concerns.

ME TOO. Automation ease is nice, but ability to finely tune two tents, in un-heated lung room, is awesome.
Over-temperature limits in place (grower mental insurance).
Forum discussion about flipping and reduced flower/harvest potential, probably valid, but not a concern for the re-veged plants. Bush flowering plants will get keife recover/mining as the seedlings need the space. Good Growig to all.

Updat photo. Slowly continuing to yellow. Should I Harvest?

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When your scope says you’ve reached proper trich development. She looks to be fading nicely, beautiful in fact!!

Thats great to hear! Just feels weird to let it happen after trying to take care of them for so long!