ILGM Sour Diesel Auto, 2x2, DWC

This is my second grow in this rig. Learned a lot from the first run. Improved my lighting by adding a Spider Farms SF1000 to my blurple 300W LED that came with my tent. My tent is 2x2x4 with a carbon filter.

The plan is to FIM my girl and do some LST
She sprouted on July 16:

By July 30 this is what we had:

Had a little slime when I did the first solution change this week, so added Hydroguard to my nute mix, which is FF Big Bloom 2tsp/gal and FF Grow Big 1tsp / gal. EC is about 1000 / PPM ~500

Trying to maintain Ph at 5.8-6.


After noticing some yellowing (probably nutrient burn) today I started a flush with FF BushDoctor. Will let that go a day or two and see how we are doing. There are lots of nodules on this pretty girl and they already smell nice. Beginning a little LST too. I rigged up my pot with 6 wires so I can train in different directions. As she grows up, will use these to keep the colas spread out for best light.

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What are you growing in? It looks like cookie crisp.

It is a rapid rooter. Work great for germination and are completely inert, so work well in hydro.

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The little balls? Or the thing its growing out of? I meant the lil balls

Oh, those are clay pebbles. They came with my rig. They provide extra space / airflow around the top air roots, while keeping them in the dark.

This has been a challenging week for Brigitte Bardot, the name of our gal in the photos. She started showing signs of nutrient burn and we have had a hell of a time keeping the solution temp down and pH steady. Swapped out her 5 gallon bucket for a 20 gallon container and ran a flush for 2.5 days to get her back on track. We also removed one blurple light from her tent to keep temps down. Lots of new growth and starting to have a wonderful aroma. We have been doing a little low stress training by pulling her over in a different direction each night. The new growth sites are really doing well. We will be going in for the FIM snip tomorrow. Watch this space!