ILGM Smashes my old Record

These people are outta Control !! SIX Days to New York, Just wanted to say thanks to ALL involved, I think it was 7-8 days for the last order. You guys are the Best. No worries when I buy from ILGM.


Great to hear FyshhTrap! Happy seeding!

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Sounds like it was all ready smoking When it Arrived LMAO… :sunglasses: Hammer


Its awesome when thing work like a well oiled machine.


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ILGM IS well oiled !!, ps. congrats on your “GrowMentor” status !!! You were one of my pics!


Thank you for the kind words and your vote.
I was going to different forums the other night and at this one site I couldn’t believe
how they put this one guy down big time. Talk about bashing.
Boy if that was happing,here that person would have been 86 right on out of hear. And they did nothing to this person,

Anyway. Thank you sir

I can get a little sarcastic some times, but not here, not yet, …once you get to know me I can be pretty funny, I tend to find Humor in a lot of things, like when somebody posts “Do you think my plants look good” its my first grow ! and they post a pic that looks look like an outta control alien space experiment by Robert Bergman with 30 Ft. long Colas on them. Ya just wanna say , " no dude they look like shit" whats wrong with you?
I’m really not into bashing though ,just funny stuff!

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Hey @tonytriptide, using a credit card or debit card is much faster than sending cash, you must wait At Least 20 days before becoming concerned, then contact the appropriate people at ILGM, possibly @ILGM_Support could help you better.


I usually get mine in that time frame. Glad to see you so happy :smiley:

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Are these seeds shipping from China?

Absolutely Delighted wiyh ILGM !!!

Hi, we ship from Europe. If you need any help with your order please contact us at :smiley: