ILGM seeds rock

Just wanted say how happy I am with the seeds I have purchased! I have been successful 100% for germination. Thanks ILGM


I have ordered the beginner kit and and the seed and nutrition came in 2 weeks and all the seeds germinated and it came with 20 White Widow seeds feminized they only seed bank I will ever order from and I feel like I can trust them


@337badazz , I feel the exact same way. My first grow I picked ILGM White Window. You can look at my journal here if you wish.
Three things:

  1. Awesome customer service. (8 days to ship to states) Plus the support of this site.
  2. Great ILGM genetics. The organic world of plug and play.
    drop 'em in, water and light 'em and watch 'em grow…
  3. They live up to their description in yields if you’re lucky like I was. 4 plants overwhelmed my meter square tent.

Just a great seed shop and community

All ILGM genetics except for one plant


Really nice plants

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It is not of my own doing thanks to Ilgm genetics and all the help I get here