ILGM Seed Shop Germination Guide

This guide is different from the one I used last year.

My understanding at that time was the preferred method involved soaking for 24 hours and then into moist paper towels until germination.

The current posted method involves a 24 hour seed soak and then directly into a growing medium.

Could I get a verification of the preferred method of germination? @latewood

I just don’t want to give bad info…


AND is Miracle-Gro now an acceptable medium???


Miracle NO @bob31


There is no specific acceptable method. A grower makes his or her choice. I use rockwool cubes. The paper towel method, and planting directly into a “solo” cup is very popular…

In rockwool the seeds are soaked because the medium is soaked. at least the way I do it.

If Miracle Grow was mentioned for seed starting, then it must have been intended for buyers of "seed starting "mix Don’t start seeds in potting soil of any brand that contains fertilizer.


Miracle Grow has a seed starting soil (less).

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Thanks. I’m still learning :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, I had to look it up! I’m learning too, lol.

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