ILGM Seed Prices

I’m going to keep this open as constructive criticism (note the word constructive) is beneficial to everyone. Bagging on ILGM is not.


I agree, the prices are a big slap in our faces since things have gone legal in several states.

Does anyone know a good seed vault that is located in California, I’m tired if giving my $$$s away.

I see this whole seed sales as being a huge racket, selling feminized seeds that can’t pollinate each other, and you keep buying seeds from them.

It was mentioned here about a germination guarantee, I had some seeds replaced that didn’t germinate this year it was way more complicated and took way too long to get replaced and the season had already started. I ended up buying some Maui-Wowie seeds that arrived before the replacements.

I have enough seeds for a few years at minimum. I’ll most likely worry about seeds when I run out, and want to buy some Acapulco Gold. The bottom line for me is these seed vaults are raping people and the cost of a seed at $20 is EFFin’ outrageous. Just because we will pay it doesn’t mean it’s good business practice.

Just like our government trying to infringe upon our rights. ILGM does offer everyone an option, either buy from them or don’t. I would personally like to support local growers. I saw Kevin Jodery was raided and they took his entire collection, now he’s starting over.

Further more, the Chinese are waging a war to take over our black markets. The price on cannabis is down to $500, the growers are hurting more than ever this year. Chinese have managed to force the prices down where it’s hard to even sell for them at $500/lb.

The bottom line is if you can get 10+10 or even 10+10+10 it’s a great deal. But if you pay $20/seed it’s getting to robbery.

I don’t hang out on this forum too much lately, it’s because of my experience with my seed replacement and the price increases in general. I’m looking for alternatives.

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Please do not make this into a political argument. @Liber

Well, if you see charging $20/seed as being anything but political over the legalization of cultivation, then go ahead and believe it. I’ve said enough and as I said, I haven’t been hanging around here because of my personal experience and feelings on the companies I patronize. 'nuff said. Later…much later.


As stated, very few seeds on the seed shop side are $20. So this is a non-argument.

You can ask any number of growers on here who buy seeds from other places and they still come here and spend their money. I don’t suppose you’ve noticed that prices for everything are through the roof.

ILGM is the number one rated seed shop available for a reason.


Sorry you are leaving. I’m sure you will be missed

Wè have bought seeds from others places. You get whar you pay for. ILGM Seeds not all germationed but the ones are strong

My state isnt close to helping us.
So discrete is a word ill pay for.
Some of us have to pay 300-400 month unless reggie is on the menu.

We spent 100.00 on a 5 gal pot from p4p. With a 15% off because of 85.00

inside that p4p was $40.00 seed coupn. Both, iglm and p4p offer free, free service.

We spent for hgl light, banana kush, and p4p, less than 600.00, if she produces half of her lowest yield, we pay for our system with one session.

I think its no win, if you shopped elsewhere, you really are just grinding an axe and if people do pay these prices, they, we, have valid reason as to why we paid. My money, my business.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i can’t believe this thread is still getting replies and post daily :rofl::rofl::rofl:
some people are “career victims” some people complain for a living and some people understand math…

let’s say Every seed here was $20 a seed…. and your worst grow possible… yielding only 7-14 g from that plant…. you still get your moneys worth bcuz i’m sure that you could sell 3.5g for $50 to someone to double your money plus an extra $10… and still have 3.5-10.5 g left….

and that’s like 2nd worst case scenario :rofl::rofl::rofl:
i haven’t bought any ILGM seeds yet…
bcuz i have in my collection…
1 runtz
1 wedding cake
2 bruce banner auto
2 white widow
3 purple ghost candy
3 mimosa

& 4 different sets of seeds made by my grow buddy:
4 Gorilla Skunk ( gorilla glue x early skunk)
8 Gelato Ape (gorilla glue x gelato)
10+ Gorilla glue (gorilla glue x gorilla glue)
20+ Gorilla SHO ( gorilla glue x SkyHighOctane)

i just love when people complain about things when they can just ignore and move on :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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not to mention u could just grow a seed and make clones and have weed forever :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yet you just replied to it… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Or better yet, why not use $1000 a seed? I could still afford to buy them, but I would pay more for a single seed than I have paid for years, I felt good getting my weed for $100/oz cause I know I only smoke 7-8 oz per year. Just because I could afford to pay the price, should I? With that logic you’ll end up with the seed vendors being the 1% of the cannabis community. They will be the ones making all the money.

Who is doing the work? If growing was so easy I wouldn’t struggle each season to get to harvest, and even get enough to last a solid year…with the type of clean, strong, covered in terpes bud. I also find myself getting more picky, willing to trim out any type of hard stem end, cause I can get more…I just can’t seem to get the best quality I prefer. You can get some pretty damn good bud for $500/lb, that was grown by people that have grown for years. With your math it would make sense for someone like me to just go buy my own.

Yeah, and I love seeing hypocrites post about others while doing the same themselves. I can probably learn from people like you.

There 'ya go, I just learned something else…I harvest in late October, and let’s say I clone late in the season just prior to harvest. Now, how can I get that clone to stay alive until spring for the next season? I thought cannabis was good for only a single annual season? It’s just a weed, it’s not a real plant I don’t think…but I guess I’m showing my ignorance…no worries, it’s the reason I don’t want to invest in grow lights, and tents or other indoor controlled environments…I don’t want to check the PH and be involved at that level…I just really want to smoke and and smoke the best I can grow for myself.

So your clone statement is a bit rhetorical in regard to, you are absolutely correct, it’s just not what I was looking to do.

My question for everyone, should we place such a high value on the cost of cannabis seeds so that the seed vendors make the majority of profits and the growers spend all the time taking care of the plants for an entire season???

I agree, that is a good reason. When I first bought from them in mid-late 2017 it was prior to the cultivation or even recreational, I would never get the medical registration, in California they called it a 215, that was the bill that was passed for medical, which pre-dated any distribution, AFAIK. All states different somewhere though…anyway, I thought they handled it well, charging my credit card in one country and shipping from another, and neither of them were US. Probably not foolproof for all scenarios, but it worked well for my case. Now they ship from San Diego. I like to support local when I can.

So yeah, I have even gotten help here on this forum, case in point is @Myfriendis410 who tipped me onto using CJDB and BTi, I just sprayed all my plants including tomatoes, eggplants, and a few others. I see a log of small bugs this year that look like aphids. But I want to point out that public forums are a double edge sword. It’s difficult to moderate. I mean this in the sense that you need to let everyone express their views and opinions. The worst case is a Jew accepting that terrorist muslims to chant the death to all Jews…but to allow freedom to all, you must honor that…I’m not religious, but am Jewish by birth.

I’ve also learned a couple things not to do here. I’m never using a cup of water to germinate again, I’m going back to paper towels, I have way better success rate at germinating. And one bothersome piece for me was I followed the ILGM bible to a T, and wouldn’t you know I was questioned as if I did something wrong. I even pointed out how the mods here recommended peroxide, which is not in the docs, AFAIK, so I suggested they update them. I doubt they will as they’re too busy selling seeds.

It seems like letting the guard dog protect our food…by paying more and more for seeds. You could call me cheap, you could even make derogatory comments based on me being a Jew, I couldn’t give 2 f#@$s one way or the other. I consider my time valuable and consider the ILGM forum to gain from my posts. This forum will not make/break my grows, and I can always come back and buy seeds from ILGM if I like, I understand all of that…

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Now here is simple math for that $20 bean.
650w “true” light
650/1000 = .65 khw
.65 x .30 “ .30 is what you pay for a Khw “ and that number is way inflated. Avg in us is 10 cents
.65 x .30 = .195 khw
.195 x 18= 3.51 “18 is lights on time useage “
3.51 x 30 days = $105.3
So $105 x a 3 month auto grow = $315 in electricity use alone, for one bean
Now for the average hobby guys, a 3 bean auto flower $60 investment can yield 8-12 oz or even more.
So let’s just say by using math, My ROI with this place is :+1:

that’s all i had to read to know what type of person you are​:rofl::rofl::rofl: stay blessed :muscle:t4:

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If i were in the bean business, I would likely conclude the same, and adjust $'s accordingly. Considering a person could quantify a seed collection with Colloidal, as well as go perpetual with one successful bean…with a likelihood of one and done purchases being high… Friends eventually gifting clones, and seeds everywhere, flooding the market… down comes the margins…This is the other perspective people often deny themselves to consider, and likely so, since its the wallet that steers perspective. Thats not a negative statement, but reality.
It’s amazing that the company has an open forum for passerbys to swoop in, and wipe their feet if they so please. It’s a beautiful American trait…that is- Being responsible for your mouth, and having freedom of your feet… This equates to having choices. Lets enjoy choices while they exist.

With that said, I’d LOVE for ILGM to create a mix and match purchase option… Even if on special occasions… But I suppose their VIP incentive program does that in itself via earned credits for return customers.


Thank you I’m tired of his whining


Plus you can also go to CannaCon when it comes to your state – all have local seed shops there as well as all the grow freebies given…

As I was stating long before – if a newcomer were to come to ILGM (like I was once) he / she would I suppose like to try to a variety of strains – and that would be a lower seed count and lower price per seed. I cannot see any newcomer just plopping down cash for a 10 or more seed purchase…It;s just illogical to take that chance on a “maybe”.

But I will buy 5 or more strains at a time when seed count and price are low – seed count 3 … And I have not be disappointed… And everyone stop moaning about customs — there are shops in the USA – try them…

And since when can anyone post a competing seed shop here ??? – since open argument has complete information given to be digested by all who read it… ILGM doesn’t permit it – if their seeds are superior they’d enjoy the competition.



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Ok I gotta put my 2 cents into this… Yes as a newcomer I didn’t want to spend money on 10 or more seeds of one strain. Especially that I broke myself spending about 3k on equipment and only have a 5x5 tent. At best I could maybe fit 5-6 plants in . ( Really would prefer 2-3 full plants ).
Yes they sell mix deals 5 seeds of 3 strains but again that’s to many and the specific strains I want wasn’t in the same pack. Actually all three of the desired strains was in 3 separate packs. I even asked and they would not customize a mix pack. So yes I think they should sell smaller packs of 3 seeds and or custom mix packs of say 6 seeds of 3 different strains for us beginners. I think it’s a great way to get us hooked on their products and gain customers. .
I just ended up going in with a friend and getting the buy 10 get 10 of fem zkittlzz. Which wasn’t a bad deal at all really. A few of my 10 didn’t germinate and I wasn’t impressed with most of the ones that did sprout either. Of course in their defense could of been my mistake cause I read several different practices sone saying mist daily and some not. So I may have perhaps stunted the growth by misting daily instead of wet/dry cycle. The one that I did germinate later and didn’t just daily is the one that is doing near what I think a weed should be growing like. But after inquiring with ilgm they offered to send 5 for the 3 that didn’t germ and the 1 that died as a root ( right away!) . Of course I said I wanted to wait to see how the other 10 I gave my friend was doing first. I stead of being greedy and or impatient since I can only grow in a 5x5 area anyway. Sure there are other seed banks and yes I know of at least 2 others that also offer the germination guarantee and a little cheaper. But they don’t offer guaranteed delivery and or you have to pay like 15 bucks for tracking delivery without an option for free delivery.
No matter where you go there isn’t going to be things exactly the way you want it or tailored to fit your exact needs the way you want it , when and how you want it.
There isn’t a problem with giving feedback and or offering suggestions. Like I said earlier I would like to see them sell smaller packs or even custom variety packs. But it’s the way you approach the matter that shows of your character and in allot of cases will have a better outcome rather than attempt to slam on someone/something. Ever hear the saying you attract more bees with honey? Or however it’s said but ya got my point I’m sure of.
I’m sure allot of us would rather pay a little less for our products but ya don’t see us stampeding all over ilgm because we don’t have our way. After all your using their forum which I have found to be invaluable, meet some really cool and helpful folk on, and has been quite the weight/stress off my shoulders for my first grow. I’m sure will be helpful for more grows to come to. Not to mention it feels good being able to help others where I’m a little more knowledgeable like my mushroom journeys and helping point someone in the right direction.
And it’s o.k to vent a little or whatever but damn, if your really that bent out of shape about it, got your mind made up and everything then perhaps it’s time that you just move on. Or like I said if your trying to get a change then perhaps you should change your approach cause you aren’t doing anything good for you or anyone else by this manner. Change your tune and chill or you and your horse can move along.
Anyway that is my Jerry Springer final analysis for the day. This was a freebie, next will only be 19.99. but wait if you act now you will get a free , complementary, prestige, all exclusive, gourmet, deluxe pocket flashlight. :joy: Complements of yours truly . :joy:
Anyways :v:


Well said bro :v::+1:t4:

:+1: thanks.