Ilgm root protector

Hi, I bought the root protector from this site but the directions are very vague, do I spray the root protector into the soil or directly onto the plant and how often do I need to re- apply Thanks

I would imagine you mix it in the water you pour into the soil, as described on the web site’s page:

under the ‘Root Protector’ tab:

"How to use Root Protector

Dissolve one bottle cap of Root Protector in a quarter gallon of water (1 liter). Divide the solution evenly among the plants. Afterward rinse with plain water to spread the solution though the roots."

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The confusion with the directions everyone is having is whether or not you leave the root protector in your plants reservoir container. The directions say to divide evenly amongst plants then rinse. So do we apply to plants, rinse out, then put plant back into reservoir of nutrient solution. Or should we make solution and just divide evenly to plant reservior.

When should you use the root protector? Can you use it when plant is a seedling or should you wait until it’s grown some?

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Sorry guys haven’t used it yet one of the others may have?

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