ILGM Purple Haze Sugar Mamas Starting to fade

So, I gotta say, ILGM has served me well. These purple haze seeds are working out nicely. I’m at 80 days from seed, 43 days into flower (12/12), although I did switch from 20/4 to 16/8 8 weeks ago, so she may be feeling more like 7ish weeks into flower.

Started getting this fading of the leaves, so I just wanted to get some opinions. Looking like the beginning of a normal fade for purple haze?.. maybe getting ready for harvest in a about 2 weeks?

Feedback would be highly appreciated.

Peace :slight_smile:



@Oldguy @PharmerBob @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear

Looks good to me!

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@Vasaurus. Plants will naturally fade as they get closer to harvest.
Looks good. Maybe a bit longer than 2 weeks though.

I’ve got 2-3 weeks left for this one that I have.


You may want to give it another feeding or two if you have weeks left

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Thanks! This has been a great grow so far :grin:
Getting excited!

I was thinking of doing some lighter feedings leading up to harvest.

Beautiful flowers! Same strain? ILGM purple haze fem?

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You’ve got at least a month to go. Plant looks great. Here’s a ‘harvest-ready’ picture of ILGM Purple Haze for reference.


Right now would be the time to use a bloom booster

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No. It’s a gorilla zkittles.

What’s your go-to bloom booster? (Organic preferred)

Wow @myfriendis410 did all of your flowers foxtail? Is that expected with this strain?

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There are good foxtails and there are bad ones. The ones showing on that cola are the good kind: typically a last ditch attempt by the plant to breed before giving up the ghost. You also see this more under very high intensity lights which these were under. But that is what you are looking for in a finished cola.


Looks phenomenal! And I’m all out of likes!

Don’t know about organic but I use drykoolbloom by General Hydroponics

A couple more pics from yesterday. Looks like some leaves are starting to purple up!


@MattyBear a frend at a local grow shop suggested that there may be evidence of heat or light stress. My LEDs have been at 12", so I may have been pushing it. What do you think about that? He was pointing out the crispy leaf tips as a sign of stress, and he suggested backing the light off an inch or so.

The tips indicate slight nutrient burn, but not bad. I’m not seeing any light or heat damage…

IMHO I think organic vs. General Hydroponics doesn’t mean much. The trace elements/nutrients are the same. It is only a matter on from where they were derived. Guano, bone meal, fish water for nitrates etc. or out of a bottle from GH.
End result is the same unless you make super soil that allows you to plant and forget other than watering. That is very cool, but not something I have or plan to master. As of late I use GH trio, Kool bloom, and Flouralicious or Jacks for my hydro.