ILGM purple haze fem. 2x4x6 grow tent, viperspectra 450, humidifier, heater and a whole lotta winter - MAINLINED


Alright well im stoked about this. First time grower, i wet paper towel germinated in tap water with a 110ppm ph’d down to 6.0-6.5. I stopped using the digital gauge cause it seemed a little slow for me, just needed to make the color yellow!. Germinated 3.5 days, planted in fox farm ocean soil. I used a solo cup with holes in the bottom. I had great space in my soil. great drainage. leading up to day 18 which is where i am at as i type this. Ive been sketching myself out thinking my plants arent gonna grow fast enough but then i realized im in no rush. i mess it up, oh well. my ladies were really only the height of a folded $ but they were pretty bushy. I knew i needed to be smart with my space so after a blow filled night and searching the web. i determeined with how my plants look, i think it would be best to mainline them. I could have been impatience but i also could have been smart. We wont know till further down the road. Watering them up to day 18 was just about every other day. It wasnt until after i topped the first node and then the seconds did they start drinking a little less. i also had them on a 20-4 cycle with the viper in veg. During seedlings, i had 1 t10 and a 100w cfl right on top and on the side which i think may have stunted them…any thoughts on that one? see all the photos below but i got most of my soil ingredients and ideas watching Cali Green videos on youtube. more to come. let me know what you think of the photos. soil temp is between 75-80. humidity is fluctuating but i would imagine with a purple haze that will induce more purple in their features. plus my temp can be from 65-80… its mid winter :slightly_smiling_face:




Welcome to the forum! First of all, she should have been transplanted into something much larger by now. She’s rootbound and struggling for room. Unless your trying to keep her small. After a transplant go with 18/6 for lighting which allows a longer break from light. Believe it or not, plants do a LOT of growing in the dark. They might surprise you. As long as they receive longer than 12 hours of light they won’t flower yet. Some growers even go 14/10. Which also saves money on the electric! You didn’t mention nutrients, but it would be a good idea to feed her some nitrogen. By this phase you should be feeding her.
For the colors, sometimes they need to get colder than that for it to show. Others sometimes no matter what the temperature is, or flunctuation they just don’t show. I hope this gives you some answers about your grow. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask. When responding be sure to use the @Covertgrower we get notified. Happy growing!



doing that today! ill post pics later. im ill be able to mainline them better also. As for nutrients. i have a soil mix with dr. earth bud and bloom - i may have mixed the wrong stuff :frowning: but as for nutrients, i am using sea weed extract and water. what would you advise for a nitrogen supplement. i was thinking about just mixing coffee grounds in the soild or adding some grounds into the water. Also i have a bag of tea extreme. what should i do with that. Im a little sketched to do anything with it. Im sure its a stunted plant maybe cause everyother plant i see is twice the size but i also topped the first (it may have been the second) but i topped it cause i know in the end i need to keep these ladies short and busy cause i dont want my leds bleaching my buds. I measured the light intensity and they will be fine for now. but any colas stretching on the outside will be weak. so i just bought another 450 viper. any tips i can get from a master are greatly appreciated. Bottom line, even if i only grow under 50g from these two plants. i will still consider that a win. Your outcome depends on how well they do as babies so next time i know ill be doing some things differently.



Does mainlining grow differently compared to a traditional? this is the page i was reading about

i just like the control you have with mainlining, every traditional grow i see is bushhy and messy and im in a small space with no hopes of getting a bigger one so i have to get creative.


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Also. I have that extreme tea soul enhancer. How do you suggest I use that. I’ll send pics of the soil I had but I used


Getting ready for transfer today. I am going to plant and then douse in just a water and sea wee extract. 1 gallon per pot.


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I only skimmed @Covertgrower’s post, but everything he was saying I was intending on posting. Transplant, light cycle, and so on.


@trizzle2011 I also use kelp extract for transplanting, it I continue to use it well into flower. If you are in a small space, it is a good idea to keep them small. A lot of growers add coffee grounds, and teas to their soils. I’m not familiar with that brand of soil. So I can’t give you an answer. As far as fertilizers go, a lot of growers use the fox farms nutrient line, which are found very commonly in hardware stores. (Including AK!) when you water water the perimeter of the the root ball, you want to encourage outward root development to get those roots going. @bob31 do you think you can give some guidance on the soil?


@Covertgrower thanks for the tag

@trizzle2011 can you just tell me the name and brand of your growing medium?

I really can’t get anything off that bag pic.

Also list the ingredients as well, please!



Fox farm ocean soil mixed with Nature care composting soil and worm casting. I followed a recipe from YouTube. Added dr earth bud and bloom. I’ll grab exact measurements soon but if you look up Cali green on YouTube. I followed his methods. Buuuuut like all novice growers. I made an oops and didn’t make enough solid so I found a mycorrhiza composting soil at Walmart that I mixed with the left over fox farm and then substituted any extra with work casting and nature care. Also perlite!!! 4 quarts per tub. I also started my germination with mycorrhizae and sprinkled some in the transfer. My other concern is my yield. I keep reading people with 2.5 oz on a plant. But when I read about my strain. It says about 200 grams at least? Ilgm even days 300. Is that wet? What should I expect for a good yield and a yield on a bad grow. This stuff is gonna determine many things for me. Not just extra cash in my pocket. Not a fancy life style. Just a nice home in the hills when the time comes.

Other question. Any tips on an easier way to water my plants. I was thinking of mixing my water in a bucket then siphon in. Keep n mind. I’m in a really small place.


I use a gear oil hand pump to water with. It takes a while which to me is OK because while I’m on my knees I thoroughly look at leaves and all to spot any problems.
Some others use a one gal pump up sprayer, either way the goal is to water slowly so it doesn’t just run through
Helpful, hopefully


Can you link the YouTube video? I wouldn’t have thought additional amendments to something like ocean forest would be a great idea until later down the road. But I’m always up for learning.


Type in “Cali green” and his videos will pop up.



What do you guys think. I have a lower growth below my Mainlined branches. Do I cut or no cut?



You saved my ass on this one. They should have been transferred sooner. Next time I’m using bigger containers. No solo cup.


Cool. I’ll have to remember that for the future. I did note that he said for flowering, so I’m guessing he’s throwing fairly well developed plants in it.

As far as your yield goes, most projections for harvest on a per plant basis are for outdoor grows. Indoor projected yield should be by square meter of plant canopy. That being said, the estimates are usually a little high for a hobby grower. I don’t want to say they lie, buy you can bet those are master growers under optimal conditions.

The addition of your 2nd light will help a lot. The viparspectras being what they are, you’ll probably miss out on a little bit of bud mass from the lack of red wavelengths in flower. But we’re talking scale weights, not like beer can vs lighter sized difference.

At this point, there’s 3 things you can do to help your yield. First and foremost, keep them healthy! Don’t slack on your ph and ppm measurements. The next will be adequate veg time and training. The bigger the plant the more you will yield. Learn your training methods well and stay on top of that. The last thing, try to gradually light harden them. If you gradually increase the light intensity and give them time to slowly adapt to more light a little at a time, you’ll be able to run your lights a little closer come mid to late flower without issue. More light, will give you more energy, will give you bigger buds.

Hopefully that will help you out.


Let it go. Has potential and should become another top.


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