ILGM Purple Haze Bio-Dome


Nice it’s all about trial and error hope it works out for you.


working good now, full of condensation this morning


Day 20 since cutting the clones for the biodome experiment. 18 days in the dome, 2 days of dome removed. I never watered them at all. They are getting rootbound, so moved first one into 5 gallon cloth pot. I buried the cup in pot, then watered outside the cup with rooting solution, pulled the cup back out, popped her out of cup and back into perfect size hole.


28 days since the clones were a cut and put in the biodomes. Out of the first 8, 4 were kept and planted, 4 culled. I did check rooting on the culled plants. They were ok, just tops weren’t perfect. I tppped all 4 clones that were planted