ILGM Purple Haze Bio-Dome

While tinkering around today, I ended up making my Sealed Biodome. The Hope is to be able to never touch anything, do anything, absolutely nothing but drop a seed. I was thinking of old 70’s stoner movie with biodome. So here is what I did… Clear cup with holes in bottom, filled with seedling soil and saturated. Then firmly compact the wet soil to hold roots, loosening up the top two inches of soil to allow seedling to push thru easily. Poke a hole 2 inches deep and put seed at bottom and lightly pinch hole closed. Clear cup goes into red cup. I had some leftover 1 inch thick Styrofoam packing from the lights; this was cut into 6 inch square pieces. Then I cut the bottom out of a 2 liter coke bottle. Place red cup in center of Styrofoam and cover with the plastic bottle with cutout bottom. Apply downward pressure to bottletop and twist the bottle !/2 inch; back and forth. The bottle will cut into the Styrofoam for a snug, airtight fit with your seed sitting inside a warm, moist, sealed environment. With no evaporation, the moisture should be sufficient to last without opening it until ready to transplant. Plus if I need to vent it, just unscrew the top. Clear plastic should not impair lighting too much.




Great idea, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to fix my germination problem and it looks like you my friend are onto something…

When are you dropping seeds??

Drppped yesterday.

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I have 4 to drop in 2-3 weeks. Finding styrofoam shouldn’t be a big deal. What kind of soil are you using?

Seedling soil cuz it has no nutrients

Nice I will be watching :wink:

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I made a few more domes for my clones. 3 of them were left w/o styrofoam base. They had no condensation inside the dome when I checked this morning. The 6 with styrofoam bases had entire inner surfaces covered in water.

Now starts the count, day 1 above the soil 4 days after planted. Ya can’t see the sprout thru all the condensation inside dome.



Trying this with seed, but also with clones. Think I made the perfect clone chamber. It’s been 13 days since cutting the clones, roots starting to bust out to sides of clear cup, soil perfectly damp inside domes which remain saturated with droplets. I have not added any water since day 1

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Well I’m, the seed came up after 4 days inside dome and now growth has stalled for a bit 3 days later. Pretty sure I need to remove dome and let her have direct light. In the past I have been able to get clones to grow, but they never really did much. Now they are kicking ass in these contraptions like never before. It has been 2 weeks of doing nothing to them. No added water, just opened to check progress. I had no idea this would work, now I have 8 clones and no space to plant them


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Ya know how when ya stripped all the lower leaves and you end up with some really long branches with a few leaves on the tip … it will never have a chance to make it to the top canopy? I cut the entire branch off, and buried the stem 8 inches deep after painting the entire length with clonex. Filled soda bottle with Coco, then saturated it with water mixed with rooting powder. Poked a hole in center, then added 2cc clonex gel into hole. Insert cutting. Cover with bottle, hoping that in 2 weeks there will be new roots along entire stem.

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That is actually a tomato planting practice. When you get your “Bonny Plants” starters, is says to plant them deep, including a good portion of the stem. Helps with stability by having the root-ball deeper, but the dirt-covered stem should sent out roots too.

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Day 18 of clone experiment. Removed domes and within 2 hours 1 had fallen over dead. It had no roots. Others ok , added first ever watering, saturating cups with 1/4 strength nutes MaxiGro.

. Pulling the plug on 4 monster cropped in rockwool. Will take 12 cuttings just to practice some more with domes

@Usmcjojo Did not like the styrofoam bases of dome, so I tried it without them. Next day there was no condensation inside dome. Ended up making new bottoms out of rubber mat that was cut to fit just inside the base, making an airtight seal and locking all moisture inside.