Ilgm product ordering

Is there anyway to get ilgm products in Canada? I’m interested in ordering some products but looks like they do not ship to Canada!?

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I don’t believe they currently ship to Canada.

No they don’t. I know one place @Cannabian orders from. Attitude seed bank. High quality of seeds and I only had 1 seed fail and it was from Nirvana and it was an auto.

Not at this time was tge response I got, however, The Real Seed Company and Lumberjack seeds are both great sources! Id really check out both of them. My thing is to only order from the breeder or collector.

Thanks man, ya i’ve been looking into new source didn’t like what i got from a bc store. Was looking at true north as well. Any experience with them?

No sorry, I have heard they are a decent re seller. Again, they buy seed from either breeders or RSC as an example and re sell them. Cant say for sure about this practice? There have been some instances where a re seller has sent seed not in the original packaging, they say for security reasons? However, I like to know what Im getting is authentic.
Its sad we cant get seed from ILGm because many a decent plant has been grown from their seed.

Ya for sure and i’m looking for auto’s but i’m new and haven’t tried any sources yet for them.