ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


@Onlythebest79 where do have to be to receive these party invintations ?


Florida central closer to Tampa side of state


@Onlythebest79 Sorry didnt get back sooner. Was out for the count due to meds. Anyway, to let you know I am near to Pensacola. And about 20 odd miles from 10, I think. Would be something to try to do. Anonimous definately to keep would for sure to be in order.


That was a sweet party my friend… I will like to do something like this in the future :drooling_face:


Sounds like an awesome party and a good ol’ time!


Well here’s the weekly update of my babies OG 1 and OG 2. 1 is filling out and 2 is taking her time but I’m not rushing her.

I also took the time out to top my babies and put their SCROG in place. I made two 2’ x 2’ square screens for my tent and I think they fit pretty good take a look and let me know what you think. They both can be moved up and down if need be but are at 10” above the pot.

Hope you enjoy

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Off to a good start.
I like the SCROG set up.
Do you have a second light in your tent?



Yes I do. I have 2 meizhi 600w led hanging at top waiting to be called into duty.

When they are ready for duty I will adjust the 300w and place between the two 600w for a total of 1500w over the plants but that’s not the actual which is 693 true watts from the wall


Nice set up!
I calculated about 86 true watts per square foot.
Your plants must love that!
I’ll be watching your grow closely. :+1:


They should love it when the time comes and the SCROG added to the equation should really make them blossom


Looking good so far! Love your Scrog set up too. I’m gonna attempt my first Scrog this grow too. :+1:


Man I was reading on the site the ilgm has a new selection of seeds and did I just pull the trigger or what on two new strains maui wowie and skywalker OG. The total came up to $88 which I had a $20 off code and free shipping. If anyone wants the code I’ll post it here if I don’t get in trouble just let me know. But I have always wanted Maui Wowie ever since I started smoking and I seen it on half baked the movie. My wish has come true and now it’s just a waiting game till they get to me. Thanks ilgm for this you guys have made my day

Here’s code: $20JUSTFORYOU


@Onlythebest79 dang I just ordered gsc and skywalker without this code … lol wish I woulda knew ! Looks like I might be getting some more beans . Do you know if this promo will last?


I’ve wanted to smoke Maui Wowie since watching “Up in smoke” with Cheech and Chong decades ago.
Think I know what my next purchase will be…:grinning::+1:


Code is good till 12-31-2017 that what it says on the email I got from this site


Used to get a fair amount of Maui Wowie back in the 70’s. I can’t remember much about it but that it was pretty dang good. I am jazzed about ordering some. Sure wish there had been a choice for some Panama Red too! I can just imagine my tent filled with one of each :green_heart: :seedling:


I’m geeked about it also and already planning my next grow which will include a Maui wowie and Girl Scout cookie. Also gone grow 3 different autos half way through this grow im currently on. So I’ll have grand daddy purp, white widow, and silver haze autos started half way through this. I hope you take advantage of the code I sent you it’s worth it to me. Especially with the new strains they have. I want to LA confidential and fire OG but they will have to wait till Christmas to get


@Onlythebest79 I think I am going to get some of those maui wowie and a couple of autos not sure what just yet. But def the maui wowie. I think that is what I smoked the one time I was on post and needed to relax. All I remember is smoking it. Next thing I knew I was on the roof of my barracks and no memory of how I got there. No ladders or fire escape, or anything going to that roof. Had to get a buddy I caught going in to get a ladder for me to get down. That is still something I puzzle over even now after 40 some years. How the hell did I get up there. :thinking::exploding_head::crazy_face:


That was some good shit then @cyberblast. All I know of it is it was in half baked the movie and while they were smoking they started flying and they flew to see his friend Kenny in jail and they sold enough Maui wowie to get him out of jail. You ought to check it out it’s a great smoking movie and very funny