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This to start the party off with 3 and 1/2 grams stuffed in blunt and had a little left over to roll a small party starter


WOW! I’m so drooling :drooling_face:. Sounds like you’re going to have a great party and I know you will absolutely WOW your guests. Please feel free to use pigeons or drones for dropping off treats for @FreakyDeekie & me​:rofl::hugs::heart:


Ok, I was shamed into finally making some budder soooo, am currently decarbing 2 oz of sugar leaves, 1 oz of gold leaf really airy popcorn buds and 1 oz of white widow popcorn buds. 2 lbs of grass feed butter is melting in the crock pot, house smells yummy but I am sure hubby will gag when he gets home. Tomorrow I am baking brownies, choc chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, Will freeze most of them!


That does it! Hubby and the critters are on their own. Oatmeal Raisin are my favorite :drooling_face::heart:️ I’m heading south now :grin:


Come on down @SmoknGranny One time about 25 years ago I made brownies with a bunch of different leftover stuff, It wasn’t much cannabis and I think I only cooked for 2 hours. Those brownies knocked both of us down for the whole damn weekend.


Here’s the setup


I’m soooo tempted!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Do it do it and only invite the 4-5 people you know and that’s a party. I have 12 people and that’s including me and the wifey.



I did not shame you if you are insinuateing I did. Lol :joy: Let’s say more on the lines of motivated, pushed off the edge, or waved your favorite snack in your face.


@Onlythebest79 that looks so gooooodddd…dang it. And I know just one of those would put me down for the night. But oh man…what a nite. Actually, you aint that far from me if you be over in central fl. I be in the panhandle. But can drive much any more so oh welll. Maybe get @SmoknGranny to stop and grab me on her way there. :rofl:


Wow it sucks not being your friend… Lol @Onlythebest79



Close to what part on the handle and how far from I-10?

Hell yea @SmoknGranny better stop by and grab you and it’s a party right here. Maybe when I head to missisppi the couple times a year I do we can link up. I love that bumble busy bee gas station. They have the best restrooms in the world for a gas station just my opinion and always I mean always clean.


You are my friend and I wish the sight would let up on sharing name info but I know it’s in the best interest of us. So in all if we can meet up somewhere neutral place we both know or half way point. I’m down and we can throw a big a$$ party you know what I mean?


Thanks for the kind words, I view you and all the peeps here as friends as well. That would be cool if we could all meet and we would have stickers saying “Hi my name is @Zombo”… Lol but as you said, safety and anonymity is key @Onlythebest79… Hope you had a great party!


LOL after today being frozen head to toe, you have NO idea :rofl: My truck holds 8 adults comfortably. “ALL aboard for the SmoknGranny Southbound Express!”


Lake City would be a good place otherwise Ocala, I don’t see me going anywhere more than 30 minutes away from home for a very long time :expressionless:. But dang, it sure is something to look forward to :+1: And it could be a Masquerade party for posting party pics here :rofl:


Well I’m up and moving around and I must say the party was a hit and everybody was very impressed to say the least. Even a couple of business ventures were brought up about catering for their parties with the setup I showed pics of. We started with 21 grams of weed 48 cookies 12 brownies and fruity pebbles dish. We smoked 6blunts and rolled an extendo 2 blunts patched together. The fruity pebbles were the hit but all of everything except was gone or gifted but maybe 10 cookies the the wifey and I kept. Here are the pics and hope you guys enjoyed in spirit as much as I did being here. This will be a every 3 month thing as everyone is ready for the next and thanks for the encorouraent on throwing the 1st quarterly Weed and Munchies food for thought party.

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I knew it would be a hit! I’m glad you and your friends had a great time. You and your wife are fantastic hosts :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Looks like a blast! Awesome, glad you all had a great time :wink:


What a brilliant idea! I don’t have many friends who partake of the herb so it’s usually just me.