ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


My friend is having commando coffee with 2 teaspoons of our batch in it. She had to find the recliner with both hands hahaha!


Man me and the wifey laughing right now haha lol. We are hoping to get the same results tomorrow but not as bad. Maybe she should’ve started with just 1/4 teaspoon as this stuff creeps up on you and it hits you and when it hits you it’s full force.


Perhaps the gigantic spliff of GL I rolled just before might have contributed to the effect haha.


This is also totally different than smoking and she should work up a tolerance for it first. Start small then take the big steps when she’s use to it.


That’s also might have done it but that butter in the coffee made her put her hands on her head


She’s an edibles consumer. So, she should be fine :blush:


That’s so great man,glad you was able to get a good batch, wonder what caramel would be like made out of the canna-butter??? :thinking:


I would say that caramel would burn if not watched carefully but it should make it pretty sweet and good.

Now today has started and here are the first batches of cookies

Walnut chocolate white widow cannbutter cookies

Chocolate chip white widow cannabutter cookies

Both together otter being cooked

I’m going to gift a few as parting gifts. I hope this turns out to be one great party.

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Gonna be one hell of a party with 48 cookies!


Ohhhh, those look amazing @Onlythebest79. Do you ship?? Bwahahahaha. I need to get busy! :green_heart: :seedling:



I’m hoping so as this is the first of many to come. I’m planning maybe every other month. Wifey is cool with that.


Nah no shipping don’t want to get in trouble but if you were here. You are more than welcome to come join and feast with us. It’s a munchies party as you are only allowed to bring munchie foods.

We have pizza, wings, brownies no cannabutter, cookies no cannabutter, cheez-its, Doritos with cheese dip, apples green and red, watermelon.

We have cookies with cannabutter, brownies with cannabutter, fruity pebble cannabutter treats, will have three different white widow all aged one week apart. All will be gifted to take home if not consumed.

We have music and fire pit in back yard and looking to have a great time.


Now that’s a righteous party!!


Hey I want this to be a relaxed have nothing but good fun and eating all the junk you want and not feel bad about it at all.


Looks marvelous! Here’s the picture I promised. I started with 2.5 oz of primo WW, shook 8 grams of kief. Added 2 oz of mixed Sour Diesel and Gold Leaf popcorn bud and sugar leaves decarbed and done in 2 lbs butter.

The Gold Leaf doobie yesterday probably skewed the results somewhat haha!


You lookin good and yours is a little more green than mine. Hmm I wonder why that is? Seems yours will be more concentrated with 2lbs butter compared to my 4lbs. Then you have WW, SD, GL and keif for a total 4ounces 22grams in 2lbs of butter and I’m 4ounces of WW and 4lbs butter. I wish we were closer to compare and share with each other.


Oh, the kief was to smoke! But all of the green leaf I’m sure had something to do with it haha.


Here’s the cannabutter fruity pebbles treats


All looks yummy @Onlythebest79


lol, i’m gaining weight just looking at it! looks good @Onlythebest79