ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Found it thanks guys. It was in the art and crafts section


@Onlythebest79 Well, I was close enough Hobby section/arts and craft. :smiley:


Please tag me I just got done with og would really like to see how yours turn out



Hey here’s to your recipe from above. I made 4x’s that you quoted. So 4lbs of unsalted butter, 4 cups of water, 4ounces of sugar leaves airy buds and keif rubbed off sheers. Dried leaves for 20mins on 250 and added to the butter and water in crock pot at 10pm. Got alarm set for 6am to strain and place in fridge. Thanks again and hope you enjoy the pics.

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@Onlythebest79 That is looking good my friend. Will be some tasty butter. Good luck.


Going to have a lot of tasty treats in your house soon!


@North_East_Newbie Hey yes I am and here’s what we have this morning from the mixture of butter and weed trimmings.

Now fridge time

I got this recipe from @North_East_Newbie all credits for idea goes to him and effort for making goes to me


Woohoo @Onlythebest79 cant wait ti see finished product
Tasty treats lol


The fruity pebbles were requested in place of the rice crispy treats and the wifey said I better make her her own batch of brownies. She gave me the look :eyes: fellas


You better get cracking lol @Onlythebest79
I hate the look :eyes: hahaha


Fruity Pebbles/Rice Krispy treats!
You sir are a genius!!!
I may have to borrow that idea…


Mine’s in the crock pot now. 2# of butter and 3 oz of mixed greens after shaking 8 grams of kief.


you know they say( please tell me who they are as sometimes they are wrong but on this quote they might have a point) happy wife happy life. 99% of the time I want to slap the shit out of they but this 1% I’ll shake their hand.

yes my buddy requested fruity pebbles so fruity it will be. Mixing them is not a bad thing idea. But I figure you can make it with any of your favorite cereal if you like. But again thanks for the idea as it lead you to mixing you a batch. Who am I to say you can borrow when you generously gave me your recipe. It was never an idea or thought not to if you had asked. Friends for life.

Please take pics post on mine or yours and tag me would love to see your product. What are you making with your butter???


I have a friend visiting who wants some cannabutter for brownies. I want to try it in my coffee.

Will do on the pictures.


Hey man 4lbs of unsalted white widow cannabutter and it ended up being 102g of leaves and air buds

Man this stuff is crazy never thought I would be doing this. Again party time

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@Nug-bug @North_East_Newbie @peachfuzz @Majiktoker @M4ur @GetbackJoJo @FreakyDeekie @Myfriendis410 @Zombo @MattyBear


That’s a ton of butter.
You’ll be stocked for months!


im jealous. i want some. lol.


Come get it if you’d like I’m in central Florida. Once you get there ill tell you more and we can meet up. How about that