ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


I wouldn’t know what to tell you on that but with mine running and no fan to cool they run at 90-92 degrees when I add fans out take and Intake the temp drops and runs about 78-82.


I would say call meizhi directly and see what they can do for you. Maybe they can send you replacement parts for free. I haven’t had to call them for parts as my lights aren’t even a year old. From their website it shows pretty good customer service reviews so I would say give them a try and see. It couldn’t hurt to ask


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Well here’s to the start of week 2 wit my babies they are thriving and doing as they should. Hope you enjoy

Plant 2 is a little slow and shorter but has the same amount of fan leaves as plant 1


plants are looking gorgeous. ill be following along. hoping to do a scrog on my next grow so hoping to watch and learn a bit


Off to a great start @Onlythebest79 Looking forward to following along :green_heart::seedling:


@FreakyDeekie @noobius you are more than welcome to follow along. Enjoy the ride


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Hey anyone have recipete for making brownies or cookies. I’m looking through the source bank for making canna butter but I can’t seem to find the ones with a clear cut way of making the butter. I would like to make a batch of cookies and brownies with the white widow sugar leaves I have from my harvest. Got some friends that I said I’ll go buy enough weed so we can have a weed party with smokes and edibles. They have never smoked before and are down to have this party if I can come up with the recipete. Please help parties Friday evening


I usually make butter in a crock pot.
Bake your sugar leaves on a cookie tray for 20 minutes at 250 in the oven.
Add 1lb of butter, an ounce of leaves/bud and 1 cup of water.

Keep on low for 6-8 hours, you can go longer too. Strain with cheese cloth into a container and put in the fridge.

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Thanks @North_East_Newbie

Do you think these leaves are still good? Been in freezer since harvesting of all my plants.

Will weigh it up when I get off work today.


They should be fine frozen.


bubble hash! @Onlythebest79


What is it how is it made. I’m willing to try it at least once. Do I need special equipment to make it


I’m going to do cannabutter today, but I’ll shake kief first.


Those leaves actually have some of the throw away or airy buds as you guys call them.


Weight as promised and this is just from drying out from this morning

I’m thinking of using all this bag as my guest have requested fruity pebbles treat brownies and cookies. Plus a little smoke.


I’m at Walmart now where would cheesecloth be located


Over in the hobbies area or in auto. Sometimes have it their for folks to polish their cars.



I found it with the canning supplies


@SmoknGranny You are right. I remember now…that is where I got it last time. But I was close…near hobby…I think…:crazy_face:


Just depends on the store layout :blush:. Can sometimes be found in fabric Department also.