ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


I went to plug in my clip fans and one was turning so so that it died on me right there. So off to the store later today to find another one. This is the second one that has gone out on me. Does anyone know of a decent brand clip fan that last a coupl three grows before dying on me?


congrats @Onlythebest79 back in the game!


Update just from this morning both are thriving

Hope you enjoy and this is one amazing plant to watch and grow


My babies are doing fine and growing under my meizhi 300w led

Have a great day


I just purchased me some Grand Daddy Purp auto seeds from my other seed bank as they have buy 5 get 5 free special. I’ve been wanting these for a while now as it’s my favorite strain to smoke


Well I’m going to experiment with a SCROG this grow and leave it the whole time.

I really hope this technique helps or works but I won’t know till I try it.

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Let’s do it @Onlythebest79


Looking forward to watching that screen fill in best of luck to you!


Here’s a 6day update on my babies. They are loving the light and showing signs of wanting to be two great plants for me. Hope you like and enjoy

Plant 1

Plant 2

Both together

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I see the thumb tacs are ready @Onlythebest79

They look great!


Woohoo @Onlythebest79 looks like your all set :+1:


do you have a grimlin peeing on your gals @Onlythebest79?


Yes sir they are but I’m gone go with a SCROG this time hopefully I won’t need them as this should help spread them out to receive more light


Lol and not all it’s just their morning PHed water and they’ll get more right before bed tonight.


You’ll like the scrog @Onlythebest79


I tried it for a week on one of my first grow and removed it because I don’t know why. But this time I’m gone roll with it to the end.


Lots of room for roots to spread… Great start!


My meizhi’s always run hot. I think it has to do with the fact that my humidifier blew calcium deposits into the air which got causer in the meizhi’s and subsequently made the lease cloudy and rejected some light back to the unit which increases heat.
I cleaned them twice with glass cleaner and pressured air but there must be more inside the unit because it gets cloudy again after I put it back together and turned it on. Your look like they run much cooler!