ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Any word back on the boards? And did you see my post above on the reds?


Yes they shipped out missing set today


Very good!


My babies are filling in and so happy


they sure are happy!!!
nice job @Onlythebest79


Looking good!


Your about to take a quantum leap! @Onlythebest79


Looking great @Onlythebest79 :green_heart: :seedling:


Well I was putting the leds together and the way I have it done the jumper wires are to short between each led. Thought I ordered extras at 3” but they are the wrong ones. @dbrn32 told me to double check with supplier and they still got order mixed up and sent the wrong jumper wires between the leds. So there will be no adding of red to tent this weekend. But here are a few pics of them done but no wires to hook them up together. Went through 2 drill bits and broke the last one on the last hole. But overall I think they look pretty good


Well, I may have a solution if you didn’t use thermal epoxy? Turn the diodes so the connectors point straight at each other and they may be long enough?

I seen they positioned them like that in video and wondered if the whips would be long enough is all.


Thought maybe I should clarify a little more…

If you used thermal grease instead of thermal epoxy. You would obviously need more drill bits, and to remount the diodes, but take a good look and make sure the cables you have would reach for sure if you were to go ahead and do that.


Yea the drilling is a beast simple but a beast. I’ll just wait till they resend the right wire connectors. I looked at what you saying and they would be long enough but just don’t want to drill anymore


I’m can be a hassle. If you use a cutting fluid next time and be sure not to horse on it any they usually last a bit longer.


Yea I got impatiance and put it a little weight on it instead of letting drill bit do work by itself like I did on all previous holes. But they look good and so far I very pleased with what has transpired.


I think I’ve been there. Probably twice last week haha.


Ok I have a cal mag problem with one of my OG Kush and seems to be getting worse we’ll itnis getting worse. Do any of the foxfarms have that in it to cure or do I need to get a cal-mag supplement to add to cure the problem?


Cal mag supplement if you’re running fox farms. Any of them will do, I like ones with little to no nitrogen like 1-0-0



This is what one of the leaves look like.

Also have you ever heard of wind burn on cannibas leaves?


Yeah I’ve had wind burn. Always on the ones closest to the fans. Leaves look like they’re trying to hide from the wind. Where was that leaf? And how far along are you now?


It’s starting to grow all over