ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


YAY!!! Happy for you man!


sweet @Onlythebest79 !!


Awesome! Did you happen to look at the price of buying two hlg-240’s? It’s probably about the same price or close. If you ever have a driver failure the other should still be working.



What would the benefits of having two drivers instead of the one running all four besides if the one fails I’m out of light? Also if I went with two which one should I get the 1400a or 2100a


Qb 288 you want the 2100ma output either way. It’s the available voltage that will change from hlg-240 to hlg-480.

Not much changes really. Probably the next biggest advantage will be having half of the voltage present right? Hlg 480 at 2100ma is going to be over 200 volts dc, while each hlg-240 will be a little over 100 volts dc. Not that you want to tangle with either lol. But if you had to pick between the two, lower voltage will always be my choice.

Otherwise wiring will be different obviously, two inputs and two outputs with each driver running two boards.


So the 2 240’s would be lowest voltage right or wrong?


Outside of running each board from its own driver. The hlg-240h-c2100 a/b right? Constant current region is 59-119 vdc. We’re on the same page?



So four would be less voltage than the one big one or 2 medium? Am I following correctly? Say you were in my shoes with these boards which driver or drivers you would choose to run them?


If cost was about the same I would probably opt for two 240’s over a single 480 for reasons I already suggested.

One of the main reasons I would struggle with going to four drivers is because of the inrush current when they start. They draw a lot of power for a very short period of time on start up. If you go data sheets, meanwell recommends starting limited amount of drivers per circuit. I don’t know what the number is for say the hlg-120, but I bet four would be pushing it.

If you’re considering going that route, I can go check?


Nah no worry Im going to do the one big one as I’ll also have the red starting up with it also at same time. I’ll order extra driver at later date. That’ll be two plugs to plug in for lights on timer and not counting 2 Honeywell turbo oscillating 8” fans plus 2 for the cfm fans.


Sounds good. Just putting the info out best I can.


You’re doing a great job explaining no complaints from me. Thanks as I would’ve never made this leap without your help


You’re welcome, anytime!


They arrived minus one set. Something happened shipping that they only sent me one of the two sets I ordered. Called to inform hlg and they are checking to see what happened and sending another one out ASAP


Out of likes, but hopefully it was just a mix up and they get it straight. Customer service there has a pretty good reputation.


I got heatsinks cut for my far red led kit and I’m needing a little help with which to put the leds laid out on the heat sink. There will be 6 red and 4 far red per heatsink is there any order to lay them out on the heatsink or just put them on there.


I would alternate them. If you have photo red on each end it should just about work out right?

Edit, after typing that I realized it’s one too many photo reds. How about like this

Pr, fr, pr, fr, pr, pr, fr, pr, fr, pr.

Pr=photo red
Fr=far red.


So 3 red 4 far red then 3 more red correct in that order. Is that what you saying


No sorry, check my edit


They will get you taken care of! Congrats on getting half your order, at least you can get started!