ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


No no I bought one set of this

I bought the extra heatsink with that set and I duplicated everything in that kit and ordered. That came to a total of 208 with discount + shipping 24. So I got 2 red led light kits for less than you buying 2 of those kits. I will be putting one kit in the 2x4x6 tent with my 2 led meizhi 600’s and 300 here’s pic of MEIZHI’s in frame waiting on red to be installed.

I will be putting the other red led kit in my 4x4 tent when my oldest son goes off to college. I figured why not go ahead and get it with the first timers discount and try to save a little.

Shipped lights off tonight and will place order for QB boards. Will make mind up on which ones I will get tonight and so you know I’m leaning more towards the 4 288 QB boards and 4 slate heatsinks. Less cutting already as it’s how I want to do the 260xl but the heatsinks will be less 6” on each. So I’ll end up paying about 385 for QB boards 75 for frame 130 for driver and maybe 20 more for loose end stuff.


I see now on the rapid kits.

As far as the qb and heatsinks go, you do you bro. Like I said before, there is cooling advantage with the bigger sinks but will work fine either way. If it’s cheaper overall to go one way vs the other, definitely take advantage of that.

Which driver did you select?



I’m going with the same driver the hlg550 comes with


Ool, good deal!


Nice!!! Can’t wait to see them in action


The only ones I’ll get to see now are the reds in the 2x4 I’m going to get those heatsinks cut this weekend the 4x4 will have to wait till summer time


I meant the red ones! Im probably gonna look to add some far reds into my tent at some point


@Onlythebest79 @MattyBear out of likes, but I’ll be here to help if/when you guys need anything. Well, I sure hope so anyway lol.


Great rebuttals, you and me just might get along​:speaking_head::bust_in_silhouette: I am a good listener just very stubborn. I agree that it would be more efficient with 6 boards and the proper driver setup, with 75watts each board, as opposed to 4 boards with proper driver and 120ish watts :cry:but all I was saying is there is almost that line from home grow/commercial, and what you said to add supplemental CO2 is right, your can throw all the photons you want, but if the plants won’t absorb it, it’s just wasted photons, and heat, thus not even efficient whatsoever, and you might be thinking of just the lx heat sink with 3 boards like I said WITH active cooling lmao :tired_face: it’s all on so many variables, grow room size, climate, wether or not intake air is brought in from outside/recirculated and could even the plants themselves(strain/pheno) and what the growers want to achieve and what they think is perfect get their all around use and what they can afford. Great discussion @dbrn32



For sure. I’m out of likes sorry. What’s the relation on the chart? I don’t see qb’s?


Just the driver efficiency @dbrn32 I’m sure the ELG 150 2100 would be a good option becuase 230-240v is more efficient than 110-120v😉

@Onlythebest79 get a 240v plug routed to your grow tent :+1::+1::sunglasses::grin:


Now we pushing it lol


Sorry!!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sushing_face:I will probably do this when I can afford it lol


There’s a few issues with that. 1, the elg is only that efficient when ran at 230v and he obviously doesn’t have that. Not that you knew, but we do now lol. 2. That’s only a 150 watt driver, will only run 1 board. 3, the hlg series is more efficient. The 480 isn’t listed, but it should be right up there with the others.


Your so damn smart bro I can’t beat you! I can’t win! Lmfao this is fun! I’ll take the heat for this one.

  1. I was throwing out ideas, mainly because 230-240v is more efffiecnt on your home, load and current requirements. 2. I don’t know drivers that well to know how many/why size boards to run. 3. I’m looking at cents per watt, for efficiency. 4. the elg series cost less penny’s to run, this is more efficient. 5. Maybe we can collaborate and make a new spreadsheet with all the drivers you think should be listed? :grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth: haha (becuase I need help too)

  2. Yup :metal: rock on buddy


Haha thanks! It has to do with hours of sifting through the data sheets, not my intelligence lol.

The elg series is nice and offers some savings. But output is derated when input is 120v is all. Even then, I’m pretty sure biggest elg is around 200 Watts I think. So even going to 2 drivers none of them would be quite big enough.

Making a new spreadsheet would probably save some time for sure. But I fear I would get lazy and miss something. It seems like just about every time I go searching I find something new, or had missed prior. So it’s all good. I’d actually rather teach you or anyone really how to do it, and what to look for. For the most part it’s really simple after a few key points. Learning how to navigate the data sheets on the led end can be a pain. There’s still stuff on them I half assed understand or maybe don’t at all.


:raised_hands:priceless information in this forum. I love ILGM


I’m all ears Teacher! I will gladly accept any information you wanna pass along! :sunglasses:


@dbrn32 @BIGE @MattyBear

I placed order for hlg qb 288 boards and heatsinks

Will place order for driver once I think I have found lowest price