ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Also I was building the frame so I can place the red and far red leds light set I got for that tent along with the QB boards. That’s the only reason other than that I’ll hang with what kit comes with


That kit comes with hangers too right? If not, wouldn’t be difficult to hang independently.

Worst case scenario, you can look into doing something with a frame later. But get the lights in there and grow with them first, and see how they do. Then after some time with them you can decide how best to move forward.


I having a hard time trying to decide. I like the 2 boards 2 slate heatsinks for mobility and heatsinks are cut already. But I like the 260xl because I can cut the heatsink in half and it’ll give the QB boards more room the dissipate the heat as opposed to the 2 board QB kit. Which the heat sink fits 1 board. The kit I can cut and that’ll give the QB boards a little more heatsink room per board as opposed to the smaller boards. Help me here


You could mount a 3rd board in the middle for that matter! And active cool it by just running a small clip on fan🤑 @Onlythebest79


Then I just saw your post lol :joy:


I’m just thinking I can get a bigger heat sink split in 2 and that’ll give each board 1 1/2 foot heatsink as opposed to the the 13” one they give you with the single board. I know @dbrn32 said it will not change the performance. My opinion and bigger heatsink will treat or do the heat dissipation better. I know it’s a lot of work to cut heatsink and build the frame but I’ve caught that bug of building my lights now almost from scratch with all the correct parts for half the price of one put together by manufacturer.


I get what your trying to do but all that will save in efficiency would be your tent temperatures will be what maybe 1-2degrees cooler IMO, but if you get the 3rd board your gunna have not much more heat if you can afford a small clip on fan, the 6” ones, and just clip it to the side of your tent up high aiming at it, you won’t see a difference in heat. Maybe 5 degrees more if that…and your gunna have a way tighter node spacing and much much denser buds IMO but it’s your money so as you wish bro just trying to help your performance not let’s say lower tent temps if that’s what your concerned about do your thing


Third board isn’t really necessary on par levels and what not. You need the advantage of spacing boards out more to get coverage. If you wanted to later go to 6 boards instead of 4, you use that as an efficiency boost and drive 6 boards 75ish Watts each instead of 4 120ish Watts each. If that makes sense?

Otherwise you’re kind of getting out of the advantages of qb and getting into where a cob build may have more advantages.


Well his foot print will be much more dense and your par will be more dense adding another board I mean 1+1+1=3 right

The theory is 2boards vs 3boards the one with 3 boards gives off more light, more par, and a footprint that isn’t lacking what the third middle board will add to the build.

3boards will have tighter mode spacing on the plants and more dense buds it’s thats simple. Nothing about driving them as blah blah wattage…doesn’t matter


Spend more money to run your lights higher, just to push the edge of needing to run co2 to take advantage of the extra light? It’s more like 3-1-1=1. The 1 your left with will be bragging rights as to how much money you spent that you need to spend more money just to make use of that money.


you use that as an efficiency boost and drive 6 boards 75ish Watts each instead of 4 120ish Watts each. If that makes sense?

Yor quote is true, although it’s like comparing a 1lb of brick to a 1lb of feathers, they weight the same.

All your doing there is saving money to run them (the cost per year)


I think your making it more complicated than it needs to be.

1cfl vs 2cfl what will grow more?!?! :rofl::rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::sneezing_face:

Your competing with apples and oranges, they’re both fruit. Stop thinking so hard keep it simple. Rofl I luh you bruh don’t yell at me lol I’m not taking any of this to heart. Just give the man straight forward no BS.

Another comparison, 2+8=10 4+6=10 ? Just changing drivers for the 4 boards and using a different driver for 6 boards will only save money to run them. Why make it’s so complicated to say that their basically the same, and he is gunna spend so much more money to buy 6 boards and a larger driver to power them, only to save your money’s worth 5 years down the road.

By that time there is gunna be all new designs and technology out there. Just saying…? Don’t take what I’m saying to heart bro I know your super smart and crunching the numbers right now omg lol


Yes that’s what I’m worried about is tent temps

Yes I get you and understand which means more boards less wattage per light. I’m learning yes I’m learning and I really appreciate this guidance and I’m pretty sure you guys will not steer me wrong


I don’t mind being questioned, it keeps me on my toes lol. He is free to do 6 boards, just like you, or anyone else for that matter. I’d be happy to suggest a driver for that if need be.

In my opinion, you’re the one comparing apples to oranges though lol. 2 cfl’s is absolutely better than one. That doesn’t make 6 quantum boards in a 4x4 automatically better than 4. I don’t think I was making it anymore complicated than needed either, just putting the info out. I thought it was pretty straight forward without any bs.

I’ll try this way… two of those kits in a 4x4 is pretty much identical to an hlg-550. Par data is out there, tested by third party to meet and exceed single ended 1000 watt hps in 4x4. Add 50% more light to that and you’re easily exceeding light saturation levels. Guys are growing 6 boards in that size space, but not at 120 Watts per board. More like 60-75 Watts per board. Even hlg knocks down drive current when going to three boards. And they’re not even suggesting you need that much, just applying the driver that fits the best.

Go look at the cost per watt of running 60-75 Watts per board with 6 vs 120 Watts per board and 4. If that’s something anyone is interested in, I’d be happy to spec it out. Most people aren’t willing to do that for 6-10% boost in efficacy. Pushing the 6 any harder doesn’t make much sense either. Like I said earlier that puts you into needing additional co2 to raise photosynthesis levels any.

The option there, but 4 boards plus 70 watts of the reds is already going to have some ridiculous par levels. Doing anything more to that setup is getting into some really deep led nerd type stuff, or maybe if the size of space changes.


Do you run into temp issues currently?

Depending on how concerned you are, you can always remote install the drivers. They don’t get ridiculously hot or anything, but warm. And the drivers for qb’s are going to be fairly large. So I could see a slight advantage to installing them outside the tent.



Right now my two 600’s and 300 are riding at about 86 degrees which for OG Kush it says these plants thrive in tropical weather so these girls I’m not to worried about it’s the ones that can’t take that heat that I’m worried about.


Unless you have unusually high intake air temp, I wouldn’t think you should have an issue. To be honest, I think I get a little better production on my led grows with temps like 78-83ish. It replaces some of the leaf temp that plants would normally see under hid. I can’t say as it’s a rule that you will have same experience though, but others have reported similar findings. The mid 70’s seems to be better for hid where they are throwing more heat directly at the canopy.


Hey both sets of far red and red came in today


Nice! So you holding off and putting them in 4x4 then?


awesome @Onlythebest79