ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


That’s after being defoliated 2 week ago right before switch to 12/12


I think :thinking: that is good enough whitout gel root or something else. Congrats


Look great :+1:, nice thick stem @Onlythebest79


Looking good @Onlythebest79 just keep tucking flip to 12/12 when 75-80% of the screen is full


Ok I got you loud and clear on the lights. Now another question which would be better to go with this model driver MEAN WELL HLG-480H-C2100B which is dimmable or go with this model MEAN WELL HLG-480H-C2100A that’s not dimmable Or should I go with 2 smaller drivers model HLG-240H-C2100A. What’s the difference between the dimmable and non dimmable one. I know what the word means dimmable but being I new to this light should I take a chance with the dimmable and I can see the benefits of having dimmable to lower power draw when it’s not all needed. I also see it would be a few bucks cheaper to go with 2 smaller ones


Whether you go with two smaller drivers or one large makes no difference to me. I just thought it would be a little cheaper so wanted to point it out.

The A driver has built in potentiometer which can dim from 100% to to 50%. The B series has dimming leads, which means you need to install a dimmer. I usually recommend A series for new light builders. There’s not a whole lot of reasons you would ever want to dim below 50%. And it’s cheaper and less work.


@Onlythebest79 The lights , the plants , everything looks great . I’m watching and learning . I just flipped mine .:herb:


I’m trying and I can’t seem to not want to touch and play wit my babies all the time. I don’t know if it’s much learning from me as I’m learning from alot of people on this site. I’m more of a reader ask questions and comment very rarely if I have advice on the topic.


Same here , I’m a reader . The problem is I’m up half the night reading . No zzzzz sleep , lol


Love it way to clone bro …saweeeet!!




Bahha yaaaaas! @Onlythebest79 rollllll tidee!



I’ll bleed sweat and cry for this team coach fans players whoever. As we are champs this year. I’m no band wagon fan either as I can’t tell who I am as this site doesn’t allow to tell who we are. ROLL TIDE ROLL


Tide rolled my Huskies in last years playoffs, but I respect greatness when I see it! Congrats!


I have a question say I wanted to go with this kit

Would you get the 288 or 304 qb boards. Was rethinking I should get two of these kits and split the heatsinks in half to dissipate the heat better and still build a frame to center each light in the tent


I like the 288 for driver options if you wanted to change it up in the future. But statistically they are pretty close to the same. 304 boards have fv little over 100 volts and max current of 1400ma. The 288 has fv little over 50 volts and max current of 2800ma. So in terms of watts, efficacy, and stuff like that they are fairly equal. They just get there different ways.

And keeping the heatsink together will dissipate heat better, more surface area that way.

One of those kits is plenty for a 2x4, two kits is good for 4x4. In 4x4 it’s similar par levels as having a 1000 watt hps bulb in there.


But that surface area will be/ is shared by 2 boards and each will put about the same heat to the heatsink right. So me splitting that heatsink will not be a great idea? If it’s not then I will just go with the 2 qb boards and 2slate 2 heatsinks


A single slate 2 heatsink is only 1/3 of the size of the xl heatsink. The xl heatsink will actually fit 3 boards. You can split it if you want, but you’re not going to gain anything by splitting it. The heatsink is designed to be hung as a stand alone unit and that kit should come with everything you need to use it that way. Why not just do that?


I’m just wondering if it would be a good idea to do so. Unlike what I did at first just bought lights and granted they are great lights. I should’ve went this route all along so now I’m asking before I put out his amount of money and make sure it’s right this time. But you just answered my question I’m not gone gain or loose by splitting the heatsink. I will leave as is and debate tonight before pulling the plug on this kit

Or this kit


Ya, I mean you can do whatever you’d like. But I wouldn’t see the reason in spending the cash on frame under those circumstances.