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I can unscrew the brackets that the lights sent on and cut new brackets as I have extra railing so yes and no but ultimately yes. The lights fit in each slot snug and are not screwed in.

Thanks for the compliment and the whole frame and tools to make it was only 108


Mine looks like what it is anymore lol a hill jack constructed for growing pot


I took the advice of/from @dbrn32 as he walked me through it on my other post with my autos. Of what to get after I told him what I wanted to do guys pretty cool and for the most part available to assist you in any way so far. I’m pretty handy and can build stuff and I wanted to do this and make it look professional as I can. I have to make another one for my 4x4 tent and it’s gojng to have 4 of the meizhi 600w I know for sure 2 300w meizhi and make figure how to add another 2 300w and then add 2 sets of the red possibly 4 sets. But that’s when I get that tent setup.


I was wondering about the red supplement power. I’ve got 132 watts of photo red on it’s way. But I see you are thinking of four sets of them, so we are on the same page.


Yes he is shot out to @dbrn32 he’s going to give me a hand with a build if I decide that the way I want to go. Very good guy as are everyone on here I think I personally have only seen it 2x and it wasnt bad at all and it was imediatly stopped(someone getting nasty)


I’m doing one set in the 2x4 tent and that tent is for my photos 2 at a time maybe three.

But the 4x4 I was thinking 4 but if 1 will be enough for my 2x4 then 2 should be ok for my 4x4 if I add the extra two 300’s then I my add another 2 red sets. I will ask @dbrn32 what he thinks before


He’s our resident expert and he sure taught me a lot and turned me on to Vero29 COBs. My COB build is working great.



I should’ve went this route all along but I love meizhi as they haven’t let me down yet and they are some pretty good lights. Being I invested in meizhi just recently I’m going to build my frame and set and place my lights in there symetrically and add more red and far red to the tent


With a multiple LED light, you may not have to add any red supplementals. The red is already in there. I just wanted to add red to my 5000 K COBs in case I decide to flower inside. I’m in Southern California so I could flower outside most of the year, except the spring run would run until October because of the photoperiod.


2 should be pretty good for a 4x4 when you’re talking about supplementing something that doesn’t have the ideal representation from those wavelengths. If you were building the entire light system from scratch with mono’s, we would obviously load up on the peak chlorophyll points. Like @1BigFella said the light you have is already providing some of reds. In this case and the viparspectra is another they’re just a little blue blue heavy. You also have to take into account that xpe he or even the osram are the absolute best 660nm diodes available. At over 4 umol/joule they’re putting out almost 3 times the par that the typical epistar red led does per watt. So you kind of need to step outside of the box of traditional thinking.


Beautiful set up!
Happpy New Year!


getting things done i like @Onlythebest79


Gonna be pulling some mighty dense nugs with that combo. :+1: sweet


I following along but what do you mean peak chlorophyll. Can you help me understand and also if I’m not there. What will make my setup have peak chlorophyll if I don’t have it already


You’re best bet will be to google something like “wavelengths for peak photosynthesis” there’s lots of articles and pictures that will help explain way better than what I’m capable of.

It’s also important to know that from any graph that’s provided, is relative intensities from one wavelength to another. So there’s no real top of the chart. Or if it makes more sense, a 10 watt light can hit the same peaks as a 1000 watt light. The 1000 watt light will just have a lot more photons in each of the wavelength provided.


Update on my clones as I started with 8 and 6 are showing signs of life. I cut them and place inside moist rock wool inside foxfarm ocean forest inside 5.5 ounce cups with holes poked inside bottom of cup. I didn’t use any clonex just PHed water and things seem to be going pretty good.

And my babies that I cut them from are really showing out also

Hopenyou enjoy

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Looking good


She’s so bushy!
Great job, can’t wait to watch her flower!