ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Ok will check that out


I’m looking for it but don’t see it. That deal must be over with?


That sux sorry bro


I wouldn’t bother with the co2 bags myself
You can certainly try them out and see if they help you it wouldn’t harm your plants
I have Roleadro lights
I actually have the cob style they make and one of the 300 watt leds but not the one you posted
Roleadro makes a 5 watt diode light that every bulb is full spectrum so no red or blue
The the one you posted is more of a yellow or white light
The ones I have are more in the pinkish range


I don’t think I’d bother with them. Just my humble opinion.


Following this :slight_smile: nice looking setup man!


I do not use co2 sorry


I didn’t use on my last two grows and was just wondering. Thanks for the feedback


I have never used CO2… But read about it… Seems like, from what I read… It’s not worth the trouble? But you can see what others say… I think unless your climate is perfect, the CO2 won’t be as effective… Just my take from what I read @Onlythebest79


Just catching up but I’ll be watching your grow my dude! :+1: I’ll tag you into my new grow once my seed pops!


@Onlythebest79 welcome, I cant say welcome back because I am fairly new here and only been a little over 2 months. But looked at your setup, its nice. I have two tents now…yep, newbie grower, caught the bug early…one month into my grow, had to expand…the sickness, ya know.

So one tent to do the grow, flower and one tent for veg and such. Right now in my small tent I have some bag seeds growing. Tuff and strong little suckers. 10 days old and already 6 inches high and 4th set and I have topped them. Scusse me 15 days old, not 10. Anyvay, they be good even though dont know what breed they be.

Anyway, glad to metcha.


@Onlythebest79, @Zombo here is the thing. I have noticed in my grow that it helps. Especially if the plants have taken a hit because of disease or nutes or bugs. And where bugs are concerned, if you hit your grow with a heavy load of co2, it wont bother the plants, but it will the bugs. I had what looked like some nats setting up home in my main grow tent and I hit the tent with co2, lights on, then lights off for about 3 to 4 hours. No more nats. The dirt will absorb the co2 and kill any eggs iin there. just have to make sure that you dont use the co2 again for a week at least because too much in the soil could strangle the plant. One time heavy like that is okay. but not again, least a week.


Nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Yeah I think I’m not going to use the CO2 and just stick to what I know best. Circulating the air keeping temps down and withdrawing old air out.


Nice to see this…congrats!


I’m getting ready to buy a light mover so the light can go back and forth and not mis anything


Pass a link on to me sounds interesting


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Look who decided to join the party of life this morning
10-23-2017. Hopefully by time I get home they will be standing up nice and tall.

OG #1

OG #2

Hope you enjoy


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Woohoo! New life!


Congratulations on the new baby :slight_smile: