ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Nice job… Now you have plenty of space to work under the screen…
PS I have the same screen :joy:


Well I took more fan leaves on my bigger baby and I will be switching to 12/12 Sunday 12/24/17 here’s a pic of her before fan leaf removal

Here’s her after fan leaf removal

I will remove fan leaves on smaller one tomorrow and both will be getting one more fan leaf removal 3 weeks from light switch 12/12 on 1/14/17. Also this weekend I’ll be germinating one grand daddy purp auto, one critical thunder auto, and one AK47 auto. All five of my babies should be finishing around the same time end of February and beginning of March. Hope you like

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Why are you removing fan leaves? I would only remove the ones I can’t tuck that are interfering with more productive areas AT THIS POINT of the grow. Just before harvest is desirable, but those leaves are producing the sugars your plant will need.


Why…? :wink:

Your girl is healthy… :wink:
I would be topping every bud site… not removing any fan leaves… :wink:
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I’m experimenting with this grow also. My last couple grows were my first grows and I didn’t remove any until the last part of my white widow grow. I’ve been reading a lot on fan leaf removal/defoliation and I want to see the benefits of this if there are any. So far ILGM genetics are very strong genetics as I remove and they bounce right back. I have notice the way I have my plant bent and all the lower parts of her are exposed to light. There are more growth spots to and all the lower buds that would normally be airy buds those shoots are big and strong and should produce more buds. The lower fan leaves normally die off and or suck up energy that can be spent on other parts of the plant growing. Like the shoots that are growing are growing new fan leaves and those leaves can provide sugar/energy to the bud sites. In a way it’s kind of like cloning. I’m leaving the top two or three fan leaves on the end of each cola and where I removed the fan leaves I left all shoots in place and they are sprouting. My plant has time to bounce back and if I need to can push the light flip back one week or two and she will recover and grow more fan leaves. So this grow is experimental but still trying to get the most out of my grow as possible. I hope this explains a little and I will show you a pic of them Monday before light switch to show you her bounce back.


Well just from last nights fan leaf removal she has bounced back already look at last nights pic and then check out this morning

Here are this mornings pics


It’s always such fun (and a relief) to see them bounce back :sunglasses: Beautiful!


Here’s my baby today fully releafed and thriving


Merry Christmas to all


Merry Christmas to you as well


Well I’m hoping I’ve found my fan solution for my tents. As the fans I have are to big or won’t stay clipped in place. These are pot height and should be what I need. Check it out and tell me what you think


@Onlythebest79 i have one,and will buy another at that price…how big is dia?


Top height is 14 x 10 x 9


yea that’s the one get it!!! lol


How do you like yours and this price you can’t beat as everywhere else they are 25 or better


I ordered 4 of them


i paid almost 30 tax and all for mine


where? lol never mind i see


Walmart yep yep