ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


You might be right and the thought did come to mind that I might be able to get away with 5gallon pots


Check out my new fan addition it’s oscillating and hitting both plants


I think you can switch off a light if you put them closely enough… Just a thought to lower your power bill :+1:


I took your advice and put both under one light to save on power until needed. Will take photo when I get off today and thanks for that idea and thought


Here’s a pic of them next to each other in tent now


I have some memory problems… Remind me… Photo period plants? Age?
Them are looking great… Nice darck green :heart_eyes:


Photo and germinated on 10-20-17


Thx… Almost 2 months of veg time… How much do you planning to keep them?
Them should double the size when go in flower.
I think you need to put back the screen soon.
Do you keep them tied down?


Yes I’m going to veg till New Years and then flip. Yes that explosion is about to happen shortly and I’m out of town this weekend and got my daughter watering my plants. But the screen will be put back on when I get back in town Sunday.


You have plenty of time for that… But definitely should explode soon :)))


Yes they are tied down to the pots with push pins and craft wire.


My babies are growing and filling out. I did a little more pruning of fan leaves so light can penatrate the bottom of the plant. She looks good and healthy


Well I put the SCROG back on the bigger plant and now I’m going to be tucking and filling in till end of year.


You will need a second screen if you put that so low… Just a thought :thought_balloon:
You can wait until the tops are a little taller. But if you already installed it may you you can rise it just to have 2-3 inches under the screen and canopy and this way you can spread them everywhere when are getting bigger.


Yes I can move it as it’s hung up by 4 pulley hangers. I’ll raise it maybe 3-4 inches later today and thanks for input


Very pretty ladies :eyes::green_heart:


Well I took fan leaves from both of my babies the big one 3 days ago and the small one 2 days ago. I snipped it bare of all fan leaves from bottom to top but left 2 set of fan on all colas and left all shoots where buds grow. I must say the removal of the leaves has exposed all of the plant and when I say all shoots are growing all shoots are growing. They have rebounded well and I started giving them boomerang a few days ago and they both seem to like the new addition. Take a look at my babies

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Looks great buddy haha I’m jealous


We are almost on the same schedule . Oct.9th 2x4x5 basement scrog grow , 2 Chronic Widow fem in 5 gal plastic, 1 bag seed plant that accidentally got left in tent and flowered then put it back in veg and it monstered out in 5 gal plastic . and 1clone from bag seed in 5 gal fabric pot . Plants are 8-10 inches high , 16-18 inches in diameter . 24-28 bud sites on each plant and new growth is still coming up . Plants were abused , I did everything to them so they are taking their time vegging . Approximately 70 days in . 10 Amnesia Haze autos should be arriving soon and I plan on using 5 gallon fabric for those . Your grow is looking great . Good job !