ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Im not saying you cant get a nice root ball but larger pots are not needed indoors @M4ur
And its fine for you to disagree buddy
In a smaller pots the root system would be a bit tighter and you’d pull all the dirt out with root ball
Larger pots will work tho
You just use more soil
So no agruement here buddy
You pictures actually proves what i was saying brother see the extra dirt in bottom was wasted
Happy growing my friend :v:️ CB



You guys didn’t screw it up and this is info needed and I wanted to ask those questions. As long as it’s pertaining to growing and benefiting the final product go at it. I was really considering getting bigger pots for my plants but the height limit is what’s getting me. Bigger pots mean bigger plant means hungrier plants and my space is still the same size. Hmm :thinking: let me maximize these for the space I have and then venture to bigger wit bigger space.

Also from my first grow of white widow autos I did 4 plants. Respectfully I harvested these amounts from each plant


WOW You did very very well… More than 2.5 oz dry per plant… You have any pictures?


What I was having in my hand was only the 1/4 of the entire system(sorry because I don’t take any pictures whit that but I was in a hurry). There was not even a full hand of dirt left free…everything was taken by the plant, it was very difficulty to get some dirt even after a good shake (I will use that in my vegetable garden :wink:)



Check out my post or topics here’s a link to it for picks and the grow


If you don’t mind me asking😁
What was your dry weight???
I’m getting about 100 gr per plant…need to get to 150 gr8…working on it…got 2 new 600watt HPS


I think with the new light addition you’ll achieve that @Dragon269
Dry weight is about 1/4 of wet wieght fyi give or take a few grams :+1:


Two of them I got 4 o’s from one I got 2.5 and the other 3.5 I was 1 ounce away from having a full pound from all plants. I still have over 10o’s left from them


Yep… Now I remember… Amazing job you do there… Amazing!
Do you top/fimm them? How potent it was? And…do you get fat/dense buds


Topped and very potent as all were harvested at different times and all four have a different buzz. All my friends love it and that’s what was on the menu for my little 420 party. Yes very dense buds as the pic from that I asked which bud should I choose that’s the white widow


Beautiful and long buds… And you scored whit that numbers :+1:


It’s actually when you chop off the main stem and then train


Just purchased 3 more 3 gallon pots, 4 - 12” oscillating fans, 1 gallon wholly mackeral, 1 gallon boomerang.

Come to find out my local store here closed shop but I called the owner and he delivered me 3 bags of 1.5 cu ft ffof soil for $45 bucks


Wow. excellent job!


Well my girls are picking up steam and really starting to blossom. They have a couple more weeks of veg and the leathal switch 12/12. I want her to fill in a little more outward as she’s doing but at their own pace. Here’s the weekly update as you can tell they have filled in a lot more

Well at least to me they have filled in more

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Looking good. They should really take off here soon


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I’m hoping they do I really took to them with the defoliation of a lot of the fan leaves. After a few days of stressing and shock from that I have finally started to just let them do their thing now.


I am looking forward to see what she looks like in a week @Onlythebest79


I’ve seen where you were apprehensive about the 5gal pots ,because of height. With all the lst and training you do I believe that you could easily control the height of the final stages.
Just a reminder,
BIGGER roots bigger fruits!