ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


Chill… It’s not a bad thing to remove the scrog net… I do this late in flower. Importantly is to let the light go everywhere and the plant self support her buds :+1:. I also love the main line


@Countryboyjvd1971 @M4ur

I didn’t know what I was doing was mainlining. I have defoliated my plants everyday since I started topping them. The new growth everyday is amazing and and I see the benefit of main lining as all of the plant from the top to the bottom get light. All my lower buds sites are growing and the plants are showing now signs of not liking the cutting of her fan leaves off. I’m learning and experimenting as I go


Main lining is a technique when you pull the whole stem over to cause branches to grow up and out from stem which is why i thought you where trying a new technique lol


This way you will need a bigger pot soon… And if you veg this lady enough I think she will transform in a beast :+1::+1::+1:
I will try this technique in the future, whit at least 3 months of veg stage



Man I seen this on something I was reading here on the site and never thought that it was something that’s practiced tried and true.

I’m giving them 2 and half months total veg time from germination to flower switch. End of week five is tomorrow and the end of the year will be a great time for me to switch. They are in their forever home 3 gallon pots. I would love to get bigger pots but space is the concern of them out growing my 4x2x6 tent. Your ears must’ve been burning as I was in a few stores yesterday lookin for more pots. This time of year pots are scarce.

Also when I flip I’m going to drop 3 autos grand daddy purp, silver haze, and critical thunder. So I’ll be harvesting all 5 plants hopefully at sametime


Hmmm… 3 gal it’s very small at least 5 or better 7 gal pots


I would love to go to 5 but the height of plant is what scares me. Don’t want to run out of room in tent. I’m actually off today and out looking for pots may take the leap and get 5 gallon ones


Nice job, like how you trained your plants @Onlythebest79


I use the Flora nova line…flora bloom ( or veg) Vegan compost tea, Herculean Harvest (liquid bone meal) and the Fusion Fruit Sweetener…
One tsp per gal…
I was very impressed with these mites…
edit: oops meant “nutes” not mites…dann spell check…lol
I switched from the FoxFarm nutes 2 months ago…
Outstanding performance…I saw noticeably difference in less than 2 weeks…
BTW…I am a coco/happy frog soil grow in 3 gal felt pots…
3-600 watt HPS in flower tent(4x8) and 2-330 watt Virgin V3 LEDs in veg tent(4x4)


Very nice LST…I train mine the same way…bend them horizontal and used 6" nursery spikes to hold them down…tried using string and lead fishing weights, but the spikes worked much better…


I read somewhere that a good rule of thumb is 1 gal per month of growth…I veg 21 days then flip to flower…figure a 60-70 day flower, so that puts me at about 3 months…
Anybody have any ideas about the smaller pots rather than 5 g or bigger??
All my pots are felt pots and so far no root issues…:sunglasses::dash:


Nice setup… So the deference it’s only the floranova series? In rest you use the same things?
I saw this chart and they use the pack whit rippen (60ml/10L) for the final 2 weeks :wink:.
I will see what my friend finds, also I what to try the trio pack for indoor from biobizz (250ml x 3 15$) and something whit s lot of sugar.


Yep everything else is same…be careful with using sweeteners, I used to use Black Strop molasses (non sulphered) and it drew spider mites really bad…so I switched to the GH Fruit Fusion Sweetener and had no mites at all…


If them are fabric pots you should not have any problems. But I realize that the first auto grow (5gal) was almost doubled in size(75g), the second one was in 3gal pot (40g). But are many factors involved in my little experiment.
Just keep in mind @Dragon269, bigger is better in this case… If the roots are big and healthy you will have a big and productive plant :+1:


Were you growing the same strain in both the 3 gal and the 5 gal…??


Just wondering…did you do everything the same between the 3 gal and the 5 gal…veg time, strain…etc
Seems you got better yield with the 5 gal…doing some experimental stuff trying to increase my yield…
This last harvest I averaged a little over 100g per plant…like to get that over 150g…


I was growing in paralel, almost (when first start to flower I start a new seed.


Sorry @Onlythebest79 because we screwed your thread.
@Dragon269 on my first grow I fimm my auto a lot, every new branch was fimmed. You can read everything in my journal “ak47 auto m4” - search it if you are interested :wink:


Most of us use 3 gal pots with autos cause indoors
in 5 gal pot you never achieve a full root ball in pot so there is some soil wasted
You can grow in five gallon pots no problem using autos they will grow fine
With a shorter grow period the 3 gallons are more than enough indoors
I would use five gallon pits outdoors with autos maybe even 7 but only outdoors
Just a fyi bro


This time I desegree @Countryboyjvd1971. Look how big is the root ball of my first ak47 auto. She filled the entire pot and the density was amazing…
This was the middle of the root ball, roots thickness was impressive also 6-8mm