ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242


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I only use GH products… rdwc , no more soil… :wink:

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You might want to start adding up the nutrient values in everything you are giving to make sure you aren’t overdoing it with something.

I’m using GH nutes in coco and was seeing signs of early finish (5th week of flower) and the fix was to discontinue the SCHEDULED nutrient called for by GH.

So, it pays to be careful.


I’ve never used the Wholly Mackeral Nute from FF.
Curious to see how it works.


From the looks of it the benefits are added nitrogen and phosphorous. I’m gone check to see if what I have has those supliments in it.

Yes I don’t flush as the last few 3 to 4 weeks of straight water cleanses the plant from anything and flushing to me is like stripping the plant of all it nutrients and then trying to put them back in the plants and keep it from stressing from deficiencies. I use ffof start to finish which from reading on it is PHed to like 6.6-6.8 range and I PH any food or nutes to 6.2-6.4 range before feeding to the plants. I don’t have any deficiencies now and didn’t have any on the last grow as I put nutrients in plant per foxfarm a feeding schedule.

I go by what the schedule says and I’m always on the light side of the full nutes feeding per gallon as that schedule is a recommendation. All plants are different and can’t don’t use or need all of what another plant will need. I try to keep everything basic and not get to fancy. I think you could grow finish to end in just the foxfarm soil just my opinion.


Unless you grow a 6’ White Widow in a 15 gallon pot haha! Those babies are HUNGRY!

I’ve had to reduce my lights to 10/14 and discontinue Liguid KoolBloom because I want to see a full 65 days of flower for bulk. Plus I’m leaving for Colorado on Friday and timed this for a harvest after I get back.


I wish I could help but looks like you’ve gotten some good feedback from those with experience. I’m actually researching AN, Mammoth P, & others right now along with the Nectar lines.


I used the “big 6” from fox farms my last few grows. Never used the wholly mackerel. Just switched to Nectar for my latest grow. Cheers bud :+1:


What’s the big 6 as I think I have 3 of them not sure. I also took advantage of the nectar for the gods sample pack and will use it on a grow soon and tag me on your grow that you are using the nectar for the gods on


It’s the main 3 (big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom) and the main 3 additives (cha ching, open sesame, beastie bloomz)


I’ve only used the big three @Onlythebest79


Just my $.02…I used the 6 pak from FF for a couple years…a few months ago a fellow grower got me to try the GH Floranova line and all I can say is WOW!
Better resin and trichs,smell, tons of crystals…also about 45 more grams per girl over the same strain using FF…imho


@Dragon269 Dude that’s awesome! I love hearing people’s testimonies lol. I’m using Nectar for the Gods this run and I’m liking it so far :+1:


Love the Herc. Harvest…but I really like the fruit fusion sweetener…good stuff and doesn’t seem to draw mites like molasses


Good to know! Thanks man


I think you’re going to love that Herc.
Good luck…:sunglasses::dash:


Tell me more about floranova… Please… What you use exactly? The hole stuff you used. I planning to do a experiment with nutes in the near future.


1st and for most my shipment of mauie wowie and skywalker og from ilgm arrived today in the mail safe and sound. Can’t wait to get them in the soil next grow.

Next I’m going to be honest I have been experimenting this grow and completely going against what the book says to do. I’ve removed the SCROG for now and will continue to LST her for now. I also am defoliating both plants of all fan leaves except the new growth at top of cola. All lower bud sites are now exposed to sunlight and thriving under the lights. I know the book says this is something to not do but I want to experiment and see. In the long run I’m lookin at what works and don’t and the plant still gets a great yield. So please don’t be mad I’m experimenting but give and throw all comments my way. Hope you enjoy and have a great day

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Looking good bro love the main line :+1:
Oh snap my bad i missed the fact you removed screen :+1: no worries there bro its tour grow experiment is a good thing thays how we learn and teach ourselves :+1: