ILGM OG Kush fem seeds order#145242

Previous grows:

Well I’m off vacation and back at it for my 3rd grow which will be ILGM OG Kush. I will germinate 2 of them today

And place in foxfarm ocean Forrest soil tomorrow 10-21-17 and this is the setup of lights. I will also be trying a SCROG on this grow to get the most of my lighting and put my 1200w meizhi in the box and ordered another 600w meizhi. As I will get a better footprint coverage and draw less wattage but get more red spectrum out of the smaller 600’s than I would the 1200w. I will also be running a 300w meizhi in between the two 600w meizhis for a total of 1500 watts and actual draw is 693watts give or take. It will be setup in my 4x2x6 tent with a 6” cfm fan drawing air out and a 4” cfm fan pushing air in and two 4” clip fans to move air around inside. Here’s a pic

Come join me for the ride and I hope you enjoy this journey with me

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Also if anyone’s interested in meizhi leds here are the rating for each size light they have or make


Wooho @Onlythebest79
Welcome back from vacation my friend
I’ll be here watching
Tag me if you need anything :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


You know I will and glad to be back


@Onlythebest79 Ditto here as well! Welcome back!


Thanks for the tag. I will follow along!


Nice setup bro… @Onlythebest79… Enjoy the journey!


Hey I took in a lot of notes on setup of tents the right lights and so on and so on from all the different post on this forum. Just from my first to previous grows I figured I could get more and better production of medicine. So I’m gone try this setup that has every inch of this tent covered and see how this goes. Thanks for the compliment


Lookin good my friend… :wink:
I’ll be watching… :wink:

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I have a question are the CO2 packets helpful and would you recommend getting them?

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Welcome back man your as bad as I am I love my meizhi leds

with a og under 600 and 2-450s for side light have 2of the 3 300s in my veg tent lol I love the set up buddy


Yeah I’m hooked on them the meizhi lights. I did a little more research on this brand and the 600’s have the highest red spectrum. So I will from here on out be buying either the 300w or 600w and making my light combination from that.

Also I did some research on the roleadro full spectrum 300w

I think country boy posted something on these lights right here and looking at the color specs chart. I think these lights would be pretty good also


the mezhi 1200w that i put in my 4by4 tent is doing well also…
i’m happy with the purchase!


Oh it’s a great light I mean great light but just doing more reading and thinking. I can get a better foot print and possibly better results let’s try the smaller but same amount of lighting over a bigger foot print. I hope this pays off and I have three other tents 2x2x6, 4x2x5, 4x4x6 plus the 1200w meizhi and 2 300w meizhi just sitting here waiting to be used.


What beans do you have planted in your tent?

right now super silver haze 2, gorilla glue 1,northern lights xl 2
@Onlythebest79 my current journal is ‘‘movin on up like george an wheezie’’ i’ll tag you

Ok cool will check you out

Hey these lights are nice I just got 3 of them the code in the detail says buy two get one free so I got 3 for 140 and I have 2 of the 300w galaxy hydro and love them too that’s why I jumped st the deal!!! Real nice tight compact buds



Where did you get that deal at I will buy a few right now just to have


Amazon scroll down to details and it had a code in the detail part. Yea when I seen it I jumped at it and order that day!! Only ordered monday