Ilgm nutes when to start

I forgot if you said you were trying to harvest them now or not but those aren’t ripe yet. You want to wait of you can’t check the trichomes/thc crystals with a jewelers loupe or something for all or most hair to turn orange or red no whites. Unless it’s recent hairs that grew after the previous ones changed I still prefer looking at my trichomes with my loupe to see at least 20% Amber crystals and the rest Milky.

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You are always so professional lol you should like be on staff as ilgm customer support or something. I know I’ve personally learned a fair amount from you quicker and easier than I did learning from Google and reading pages of stuff.

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hey thank you again just wanted too know exactly when it is ready and how too tell so from looking at the girls do you think couple weeks ? @William04

@William04 @Budz

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so do you think budz a couple more weeks maybe @Budz

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Atleast 2-3. She’s still fattening up. Will swell a good bit yet.

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is drying process easy or hard?? @Budz

If you want. I’ll share you my method. Which seems fool proof. It doesn’t exactly agree with the majority of the community here has gathered. Granted it is what they were told. Just missinterpreted. Works either way. There a million different ways to dry properly. What is most important is that you don’t dry too fast.

Now. You will see a lot of disagreement with this… 100% known very best drying process unless you can create a vacuum area for drying… Many will be wrong in saying I’m wrong… focus for first 3-4 days. High 60s low 70s °F. 45%-55% RH. Once the buds feel crispy and the smallest of stems break instead of bend. When bent. Place into jars. Let the initial sit be 13+ hours. The jars need to be no more than 80% full. There has to be air trapped in to start the curing process. In the first week go by feel and what your jar hygrometers say. I burp mine about 70% of the time first 3 days. Meaning they are open more than closed. When you hold 62%. Do one week of 15minute burps. Then you’re “cured”. No more need to open. You have to go by the crispy and stems… Since this is where you get sticky buds or dry buds… once outsides are crispy and smallest stems snap. They must be jarred or silod… or you will not have sticky icky. Don’t lid permanently untill a week after they are consistent 62%…

I can’t explain it any better. It was definitely never explained to me this well. but I’m not sure even with this. I would have understood… Tbf. This is one of those things most have to learn for themselves. But I think I came close to the best explanation thus far

Jar numbers

Can see my highs and drops.
One jar is using a vacuum "via fan). As well. But that’s research still private.

What I love is the gradualistic line it caused. I only tried it 2 maybe 3 times. And it’s apparent in graphs when… which is excellent.


Basically. Once you start feeling crunchy. They means edges are dry dry. But just the edges. So that’s okay. Don’t let it go beyond edges. Get it? That’s when you need to controll from a jar/layed out perspective. When I hit 72% or higher I still lay the buds out in a pan. But as soon as anything is “crunchy”. The drying needs to be slowed. As that’s already to dry. But inside of bud is too wet. The closed environment will pull out the moisture. This is where you gotta find your balance. Sticky buds are not crispy and their stems snap nicely… this is where burping (air exchange) falls in. I may do it 3-5 times a day first few days. 1 time a day for 5-7 days after it remains solid 62%.
Then it will only improve over time.


You have a few weeks for sure they look like none of the trichomes would be remotely ready. Drying is only as hard as you want to make it. If you just leave them alone hung or in a rack for like a week at temps between 78-85 they’ll be fine. Now if you have humidity issues that can cause problems if the buds are touching. I just snip them off my stems or leave them on stems and trim them put them in my drying rack and check them daily. If you can’t wait and want to try some put it on the oven for 10 minutes checking dryness and adding 5 minutes checking again until dry enough to smoke. It’ll taste harsh but it’ll do the job. I suggest letting them dry over time normally if you don’t absolutely need to smoke them asap.

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so that would be the best way too do it thank you and I’m just tired of spending money on it that I don’t have it the first place I’m going too just have too do what you said and wait @Budz @William04

So you cure yours eh I was thinking about that but I generally smoke/sell all my stuff well before it’s reaching old age lol. Curing seemed like a lot of effort for me and I don’t produce pounds of it that would require long term storage. Of course it looks like you grow like 5 foot or taller plants with buds the size of a baby’s arm hanging from them lol. I grew a few buds that big my tent is all the grow space I have for the time being I really want to add a lean on to my garage. So I can cycle harvests out more efficiently and dabble in curing I do hear it enhances flavor or you can even infuse flavors into it during curation.

Yeah if you’re on a budget and trying to turn a profit and not growing pounds of it harvest and drying is really as far as you need to take it for the time being. Not sure where you’re from here it’s rapidly approaching winter so humidity from outside sources is non existent currently. I merely have to cut em and place them in my drying rack while keeping them from bunching up on each other. If you don’t have a rack you could also merely hang them entire plant from the base of the stem where you cut it in your tent or somewhere it won’t touch things or be smashed together. I had to buy my tent part by part couldn’t afford a premade set up beyond my tent and the fan/filter so I feel you on financial limitations.

hey thank you again yea I’m in a budget and I would like too have for my self so I don’t have too pay someone else I’m in nj @William04


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what do you think about them I’m trying to make a profit also hopefully I can cut them down soon @William04

Looking nice loads of hairs looking like you might be able to harvest in two weeks maybe three. I’d say the trichomes will be milky by two weeks the third would probably just give you some nice amounts of Amber crystals. Mine are still in their first week of veg cycle just left seedling phase two are still seedlings but big ones with like 4-5 sets of true leaves.

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and I hope yours go good also so if I decide to dry in grow tent I would have too take everything out correct like grow light-clip on fans or just trim stems with bud on them and hang like that? and maybe end of this month right? and would I be able too try some now or would I kill the plant?? I’m just stressed out @William04

what do you think would I be able too or no @William04