Ilgm northern lights (reg)

Plant type Regular
Sativa or Indica 100% Indica
THC Level High at 17% - 19%
CBD (Medical) Low
Height Compact (±70 cm - ±28")
Yield High (±500 gr/m² - ±18 oz/11ft²)
Flowering period Very short (49 days)
Climate Sunny / mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Beginner

I can’t believe there are no reviews for this! High THC, 28-inch plants, easy to grow, high yield AND 49 DAY FLOWERING CYCLE!?

This sounds like an ideal Medical strain!

This sounds very much like Northern Lights #5 from the early 90’s


It could very well be, you never know…lol


Marijuana genetic’s have come a long way considering 5 years a go - when Auto’s were never heard of before - the genetic’s are getting better every year - but we are losing many “true” strains. There are only about 3 breeders that one can get true old strains - that haven’t been lost as much as others

Hi Steve, yes that’s kind of why I got a little excited when I saw that description because me and this little lady go back a long way, and I would sure love to run into her again! :slight_smile:

I agree that things change (but not all change is necessarily for the best). NL5 has changed indoor marijuana horticulture unlike any other strain to date.

I know they are unmarked, but does anyone have an idea what they are most similar to. Is it like a NL#5 F3? I also noticed the regular and fem NL seeds have different specs - for example a 49 day flowering period for the regular seeds and 60 days for the fem. Why is this? 60 days seems high for Northern Lights, right?

Hello there guys.

I just went back in time…old school as a matter of fact.
Bought panama Red and Acapulco Gold and growing now at one foot high Wild Thai ( Stick )
Just thought I would throw that in



That’s pretty awesome! Once I get something tucked away can stop spending 50 bucks an 8th at the dispensary I plan on trying a few old-school grows too, so how those are picture would be awesome! I found some Williams Wonder on a site I’m thinking of trying this fall…


I’ll post a pic of the Wild Thai later today.


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That sucks man. Loosening a seed.
Here is a pic of my Wild Thai stick

And here is a pic of my harvest in next two weeks

I hope you enjoyed my pic’s



Well… Not exactly lost, it’s somewhere in the pot LOL it’s only a little 2-inch Square I’m hoping it’s somewhere near the middle to top :pray:

Nice looking plants, what are they?

They are…Super Skunk. Northern Light and O G Kursh


Nice choices! I have two of the three in seed trays now.

I’m really interested in throwbacks, I see them in my future as well, I’m not that enamored with the weed I’ve been buying at the local dispensaries / caregivers, I’ve tried at least 10 different strains since I got my license last year and I’ve liked only two, which is a major reason I want to grow again

Thanks for the pix!

total OLD SCHOOL Garrigan i love it …

seeing those picks reminds me how far out iam on mine lol lol…H

Your to funny Hammer
im going to try my hand at comming up with my own strain
I have done much research on it I do belive I can do it. We shall see. Lol


What kinds of plant material are you working with ???, hhmmm

Im going to be making pollen from one of eash of old schoo seeds.
And then ill decide what I will do next


pollen not seed ??

If you want all female seeds ye
I forget what it is calked silver someething.
Anyway you just put It on the flowers that you want tihave pollen.
You then take the pollen and but it on the plant that will carry the all females

Say you pollenated from Thai snd pollenateda a Panama red


so you want to add colloidal silver to a flowering plant so itll produce pollen that you’ll then barrow to a different female ?? and then youll have RED THAI :>]