Ilgm northern lights auto problem?

This northern lights auto sprouted 5 days ago and looks like this. What could be wrong with her? I’m new at growing and I’ve grown several plants but I’ve never seen this before. Can anyone please help

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What kind of light and how close is it?

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I just started a NL that did the same thing. It grew out of it and looks great now.
Sometimes cannabis seedlings look wonky. Give her time.


BTW those peat pots don’t break down fast enough for cannabis plants. You will need to cut it off and place the root ball in good soil. Not miracle grow. Those pots also tend to dry out too much and reduce root development. It might be easier to remove it and place the plant in its final home now. Lots of us plant autos in the final grow pot right away to avoid stressing it. You will get the best grow that way.


It’s under a wakyme 1200 watt LED and it’s 16 inches from the plant. Yeah I just got these peat pots and I definitely am not liking them. I figured I’d sprout them in those and then just put them in their final home without transplant stress. But I’m just gonna go back to just putting them right in their final pots. Thanks everyone for the help. I really appreciate it. I’m going to let it go and see what happens. I’ll update in a week

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