Ilgm northern lights auto help


I just went into my end of flower dark days and after 24hr i went to check temps (i run 10° cooler durring my dark time to 70°) anyway, im finishing 2 NLA and im really cloudy and starting to amber and in the dark. I checked em and im seeing alot of new pistil development after 24 hrs of darker then a coal diggers hinee with the temp drop. I haven’t experienced this going into dark with any other strains? Has anyone grown the ilgm nla that can tell me if this is a normal strain particular?? Any help will be awesome i can post some pics later. I have grown NLA from a different breeder and didn’t see this??? I thought a pheno variation but both are poppin whites all over?? Searched the strain on here didnt find the answer i seek. Thanks


Check trichomes. Does all kinds of weird stuff.


I had my own and have seen others have strange pistils at end of flower. Like Happy_Pappy says, go by your trichs, try to ignore the pistils.

If you’re confident in your cloudy/amber status and are sure your not clear, chop at will. @monsterblackbass


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Hey HP. Love love love that era. Was just before I started my infatuation!
I’ve been branching out this week, listening to some new grass.
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I have seen them an even dozen times from '77-'89


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The scope never lies…lol. Thanks for the advice. I was pretty much riding on trichome color anyway. The explosion of pistils is a new thing but i did just move into a new space and temp and humidity is under much more control. Manybe moving into a better more controlled environment has a factor??? They are days to finish by the scope. Thanks again @Happy_Pappy @Screwauger. I will shoot some pics after work


Ive seen it on indoor as well as outdoor plants on strains that don’t normally do that. Not sure but could be any number of reasons. Good going…woohoo harvest is coming!!


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Pistols smoke just fine.


I’ve had plants throw out new pistols at the end of flowering. Usually right after I hit them with a big flush. I go by the trichomes.


Thank you…that is prob my answer. I gave em 2 4 gallon flushes the last one was1day before dark dark time. Thats prob the answer. OnE LoVe @Drinkslinger


Im trying a more aggressive later in flower flush cause i run all organic and i can get a clear water flush after the 2nd 4gal flush in about a weeks time then i just 3ltr hit em as needed if they want a little more time. Thanks everybody @Drinkslinger @Happy_Pappy @Screwauger. Im sure it is the new flush as this is the most drastic change in conditions from past grows. Awesome stuff


I water my plant wit 2 gallons a day. She sucks it right up. Can’t wait to see the root system.


Maybe it not so bad plant one


#2 i guess i may have overreacted. Hah Once i got better light on em its not so bad. Just not used to that change in such a short (like in 24hrs) time thanks @Screwauger @Happy_Pappy @Drinkslinger. This ones a tad bit behind but the aroma is off the chart.


Sweet colas Brother (or sister)!! Great growing!!


Looking good!!