ILGM new strains?


Which 2 would those be?


Hows WWA… .?


OMG latewood, some good stuff. I am a true believer and came to faith on wwa. My yield wasn’t much but the quality much more made up.
I have 2 Chronic Widow outdoor grow (Florida) that is waist high and flowering BIG TIME at 82 days Something about adding sardine juice to your plant tea makes them skyrocket fast.


I really like those picks of the Blackberry Kush, but from what I read in the description it’s kind of hard to grow. I’ve looked and read about all the new strains and I can’t find one that is similar to Strawberry Kush which is my favorite so far. I grow outside and we have high humidity and sometimes a lot of rain in the summer months. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ll be placing an order within the next 2 weeks. Thanks…